Management Personal Statement 2

Sample Management Personal Statement

I have always had a logical, organised and practical way of thinking, as well as a competitive nature, and economics has always appealed to these characteristics. I noticed economics to be my forte at school and realised my keen interest to develop this into a career by my secondary years. Economics has taught me how to analyse and interpret economic data. It has also encouraged me to understand the necessity of good communication skills and to learn about how people, the companies they run and the economy they live in, behave. My early interest in accountancy was cemented further when I became involved in business helping out my father with his toilet roll factory in Ghana .I learnt the importance book keeping in a successful business. I also learnt the value of successfully dealing with clients and wholesalers as well as the importance of having the ability to manage staff.

My particular interest area of interest within this field is Management Accounting because it is the type of accounting used by entrepreneurs and business strategists to make informed decisions concerning their businesses. This is the area that intrigues me because it is concerned predominantly with the growth of businesses and effectively helps businesses make important decisions in a calculated and rational manner with minimum risk for maximum outcome. I had some experience of this sector, Management Accounting, while working in my father’s toilet roll factory.

I am certain in my desire to complete a degree in Accounting and Finance due to a rewarding internship I completed for a year in a bank in Ghana. During this period, I was transferred to different departments, which enabled me to gain knowledge of how these departments come together in a bank. The one, which interested me most, was the Internal Audit department, which is where the checks are carried out and where controls are put in place on the bank’s operations and financial records. After completing my degree, I plan to write my ACCA and then Charter as an Accountant. I feel forward thinking shows my commitment to this degree because I value the importance it has for my career and understand that it will provide me with an understanding of the business world I aim to be part of as well as offering me a wide range of contacts, choices and connections after my course.

As a person, I am hardworking, trustworthy and good team leader, I can work well in a team or use my own initiative and work as an individual. I have gained transferable skills such as communication, leadership and numerical abilities, which are essential in accounting. I am also diligent and like to ensure I go beyond basic requirements, which is why I regularly read the financial times and The Economist As part of my continued interest in the financial markets. This provides me with an insight into business organisations, their financial transactions and the state of the economy. This also allows me to keep up to date with current occurrences in the financial world. I have also read different books on the subject including Rich Dad Poor Dad and How the City of London Works. This wider reading enables me to understand the effects of accountancy on everyday life and further strengthens my ambition to achieve a career in accountancy. The academic subjects I chose to study have given me a firm foundation for studying accountancy at University and I believe that I am fully prepared.

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