Management Personal Statement

Sample Management Personal Statement

Good management in the key to any business. Applying methodical reasoning to people, processes and technology, is how businesses adapt to the constant shifts of the global economy. As a mature student with a strong track record of academic achievement in Administration and IT and comprehensive employment experience, I have shown a similarly flexible, adaptable approach to achieving my goals.

After leaving school I moved straight into the working world. As my desire to return to my studies has grown, however, I have combined the experience I have gained through work with study to gain HNC and HND qualifications in Administration and IT. I am particularly interested in how technological processes influence business, so the IT component of this course has proven especially fascinating. Learning the theory behind the administrative and organisational practices that I have implemented and observed throughout the years has also been fascinating.

Growing up surrounded by the family newsagent business, I have gained hands on experience of both financial and personnel management from a young age; including staff training and management, customer service, stock management and liaising with suppliers. Business and management within the industry having always been part of my life, it was perhaps not surprising when I decided to gain more work experience in the field of retail. As my interest in both the technological and financial aspects of these roles grew, however, I sought out experiences that allowed these passions to flourish. As a Telephone Banking Advisor with Lloyds TSB I used my customer service skills to advise clients on appropriate services, working out the risks and advantages of different products and how they might apply to their needs. I was also responsible for maintaining databases and working to banking procedures and government legislation laid down by the FSA. Having moved between small, local business and multinationals, I have observed the difference in administration and management and how these are influenced by technology.

In my spare time I also like to pursue my interests in business and management, regularly supplementing my course reading with other works on different management techniques. Applying these techniques within my own life, such as setting SMART targets or implementing leadership and teamwork structures in my work and home life, has allowed me to achieve my personal and professional goals. Nowhere is this more obvious than in my work as Treasurer, and subsequently Chairperson, of my local Ethnic Woman’s Group. With this group I have been involved in various voluntary and fundraising activities, as well as organising workshops for isolated or vulnerable women and their children. In addition to the emotional rewards of this role, being responsible for planning these events, and for the financial management of the group, has provided extra experience of implementing leadership, teamwork and administration skills learnt through study and work. It has also allowed me to integrate my other hobbies, such as walking, through annual sponsored events, including a 5K walk for Cancer Research.

Having demonstrated a commitment to self-improvement and a willingness and ability to think critically about my own performance in work, study and life, I believe that I have shown a natural flair for the management of people and processes. By honing this natural flair throughout undergraduate study, and through learning more about the integration of technology, I hope to make a real impact in the business world upon graduation, either through running my own company or playing a key role in a larger organisation.

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