Management Personal Statement

Sample Management Personal Statement

I am a strong, determined graduate with a strong foundation in management and am not afraid to seize opportunities or take clever risks. I have specific skills in critical thinking and analytics. The reason for my intense interest in Strategic Management is because of how it affects businesses in every way from the lowest level to the highest. It impacts every element of a business-both the functional and divisional areas.

I understand the importance of strategic management as the brains of a business. I already have a good understanding in maths, corporate finance and strategy analysis with scored of 88, 90 and 78 in my undergraduate study respectively. All of them were among the highest results in my academic year. My desire to be accepted at Imperial College London particularly is because of how well I believe it is suited to me as due to the depth of knowledge it provides to its’ students. In particular the specific value placed on developing in the intensity of processes, methodology, tools and characteristics of decision-making.

This course offers prestige and opportunity for success in the future. As it is ranked first in the UK and 13th in the world by the Financial Times for Strategic Marketing, I believe that it would prepare me for a highly successful career.

I am interested in this particular course and institute because of its rich and complete nature. My research into the course content revealed that it strives to combine relevant academic practical business practice skills. I am a very active student having been a member of the Student Union of All-China Student’s Federation and raised funds for the Earthquake in Japan by a variety of methods. I also organized a 343-basketball league match. The University itself offers me the chance to be active in a wide range of facets in order to enrich my experience simultaneously boosting my employment credentials and gaining valuable experience.

A clear understanding of the business sector is one of my main attributes. My limited work experience is from working with the Agricultural Bank of China as Lobby Manager. From this, I gained experience working with diverse clients and projects. I developed the ability to work within a team successfully as well having the required skills to lead when necessary in order to achieve solutions. My ability to work with others and my attitude towards all manner of people is highly cooperative and congenial. I believe that sensitivity is crucial for successful business practice.

Personally, one of my talents is my communication skills, both in speaking and writing, are of a high standard and very clear. I have good presentation skills and have achieved First prize in the HRM Speech Contest at my University. I also have advanced IT knowledge and am a Master in the use of MS Office Software. This is a benefit because of how the Internet and personal computers are changing the world.

The Internet promotes endless business opportunities including comparison shopping, easy start-up and accessibility. The Internet has changed business on an international level. In particular, it has transferred power from businesses to individuals so keeping up is vital in order to compete.

After finishing my Masters, I intend to develop my own luxury jewelry business so strategic marketing is vital for my personal success. I see a vacancy in the jewelry market for more reasonable, high quality jewelry stores in the smaller towns. Jewelry is only available in the main cities and the citizens from the small towns need to visit a City to purchase jewelry. By developing a business for this niche market, I would be targeting a clientele who would prefer to purchase competitively priced jewelry from a local store. I have planned the development of this business and will establish the first jewelry store within 6 months to one year within my hometown of 220,000 residents. If this provides a successful business model then I will establish another. There are 23 towns in my city. The ideal result would be to open 23 stores.

My ambition and aptitude for this subject is what drives me to apply for this demanding course. I feel that I would be the ideal candidate for a place at Imperial College London because of my unique blend of academic capability and interesting, social persona. I firmly believe that with this further training, I shall be able to focus and achieve my business ambitions. I am a hardworking individual with a relentless drive and I believe that I am fully prepared to study at Imperial College London.

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