Management Personal Statement

Man Kit Cheuk

My ambition to study for a degree in the field of business and management is inspired principally by an acute sense of the urgency of the need to find new and radical solutions to the present global trading problems. Very recently David Cameron told the World Economic Forum in Davos that it is a “perilous time” for European economies and that “tinkering won’t cut it any more”. Dynamic change is needed – the sort of thing provided by Keynes in the 1930s – and I believe that people like me have the originality of thinking and the freshness of approach to be able to turn our backs on flawed conventional thinking and offer the sorts of ideas which can lead the world economy back to health and prosperity. I should like to equip myself with the key information and skills which a degree course can provide and then work in the business sector in a role where I shall be able to make a real impact on the way free market economies restructure themselves around the world.

Sample Management Personal Statement

I am at present studying for a business diploma and have already gained much understanding of the processes and techniques of commerce, management and marketing. I am keen to explore further how I can contribute effectively to such things as competitiveness, growth and sustainability, how to evaluate business strategies and assess risks, as well as how to make intelligent and productive corporate decisions. As a citizen of China, with its dynamic expanding economy which is very dependent on exports, I am very interested in international business strategy, planning in a global context and selling products in markets where the local traditions and value systems might be very different from those I am familiar with. This means mastering the question of government policy on enterprise creation, gaining an understanding of social behaviour (and therefore buying patterns) in different countries and sometimes managing cultural diversity. I should like to explore the workings of the main international financial markets and the nature of the banking systems in major trading centres. Marketing is also one of my central interests and I hope to study the ways in which marketing can enhance the performance of an organisation, the role of planning and analysis in devising effective methods, positioning strategies, the financial risks involved, and the importance of adaptation in foreign markets. The good manager must be skilled in working with and directing his staff, and I should like to learn more about handling human resources and the ways people behave in relevant circumstances.

I enjoy working with other people and act at present as a senior counsellor in a peer counselling programme, which has taught me much about how to advise and lead, as well as to understand people’s needs. I have some work experience. I was employed for nearly a year in the Hong Kong branch of the Apple retail store. This was revelatory as an example of a truly dynamic, successful organisation which seems to be able to rise above recession and economic downturn, and demonstrated to me that great things can be achieved under any trading conditions. I always try to keep abreast of new developments in my subject area by following stories in the media.

I am an optimistic and positive individual who works hard and shows real determination. I particularly enjoy discussion and debate with my friends and peers; we fire new ideas off each other and explore trends and possibilities. I enjoy teamwork, but also find it easy to lead. I am by nature original and innovative, and feel that I have the ability to find solutions to apparently intractable problems by thinking unconventionally and approaching things in new ways. My commitment to my goal is total, and I believe I have the necessary qualities to become a very successful undergraduate.

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