Management Personal Statement

Sample Management Personal Statement

The principal inspiration behind my ambition to study for a degree in Business and Management is my father, who is a very successful businessman. His involvement in business has mean that I have been brought up to understand the value of his work and to appreciate the responsibilities and challenges a businessman can face as well as the personal and professional rewards such a role can offer. My goal has long been to follow in my father’s footsteps, to emulate his success and make him proud of me, and also, as the eldest son of the family, to set an example to my younger brothers by graduating with a good degree and making a strong and fulfilling career for myself. I am ambitious, and I feel that the familiarity with the business world I have gained by observing my father’s work has given me an excellent foundation on which to build my studies and my subsequent working life.

My hope is that, after graduation, I shall be able to return to Angola and work in the oil industry, which is of immense importance to the economic future of my country, rich as it is in this natural resource, of which the market value is certain to rise dramatically in years to come. To be able to make my contribution to the prosperity of my country through the efficient management of this raw material would bring me the greatest satisfaction and allow me to feel that I had helped everybody through the creation of wealth.

I am very much aware that the good manager has to be able to deal with a great range of issues in the day-to-day running of an enterprise, and I am eager to explore these factors in my studies. He or she must have a sound understanding of how the economic environment works and what place the business might play in it. The control and management of finance must be carried out efficiently and with good understanding of risk and a realistic sense of what might happen in the future. There are complex legal issues which must be understood, and assured and accurate accounting is of the first importance. Then there is the question of the management of a firm’s human resources. The manager’s decisions have an impact on the lives of many people who work in the firm, and problems of recruiting and necessary restructuring can be very challenging. In approaching all of these considerations the manager needs extensive knowledge, patience, a cool head and the strength of will to take radical decisions when necessary. I believe I have these qualities, and I am very determined to make a success of my career in the field, and I also realise that the best possible approach to this sort of world is a degree in the subject from a highly respected university.

Apart from learning from my father, I have undertaken a summer work experience placement as a trainee accountant in a company which supplies auto parts, where I gained a good insight into the role of the accountant in the firm, and noted in particular how much the management body depended on the accountant’s advice. This placement was in 2011. I also worked as a protocol at a lecture at Elizangel Filomena College in Angola in 2010. I keep abreast of development in the business world through following stories in the media and reading business magazines, from which I have learnt much about methodology and the particular vocabulary of business.

My mother tongue is Portugese, and I have increasingly fluent English, having studied in the U.K up to A-level. I have a great belief in the importance of languages for the businessman in a progressively international world and market place. I work hard, and am meticulous about detail. I am academically able and have a particular aptitude in mathematics. I enjoy working with others but am always ready to take responsibility for my own individual actions and decisions. My commitment to my ambition is total and I believe I have the necessary qualities to become a very successful undergraduate.

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