Management Personal Statement 2

Akhmad Rakhmatov

My interest in commerce and management has its roots in my family circumstances. My father runs an investment company in Russia, called Petromaruz, and I have been brought up in an environment in which questions of business are discussed in the family, and I have often talked over ideas with my father about the development of the company and the management team. Studying Economics at school has given substance to the concepts raised in these discussions and taught me much about how firms operate and the varying market conditions which affect them. Early in my life I came to understand the notion of competition in business, the role of monopoly power in the marketplace and how the legal framework in different countries can change the rules which govern trading. I am now keen to explore other aspects of business and management, such as the ways big organisations behave, the management of human resources in a firm and how to plan a marketing strategy, as well as some of the technicalities of preparing financial statements and accounting information. I find the whole notion of money extremely interesting. It seems to be a sort of universal “product” which can be exchanged for any other good or service, and it is obviously a firm’s principal asset – even if its actual existence is a sort of illusion. After all, the Bank of England has “created” billions of new money recently in its QE programme.

I have undertaken work experience in my father’s firm, where I was able to shadow two different managers, in the financial and the marketing departments. I learnt about how the firm approaches its customers and how it plans its marketing. I was struck by the hierarchical system in the business, where managers controlled their own departments and reported back daily to the MD. At school I was a member of the Entrepreneurs Society, to which we invited guest speakers from industry, including Andrew Quinlan of Orchard Pig Cider and Juice Company, and Oliver Woolley, MD of the investment company Envestors. They both demonstrated that the way to success lies in believing in your product and being ready to face a challenge. My own ventures into entrepreneurship include running Krispy Kreme Sales, Pancake Sales and Mufti Days at school to raise money for charity. I designed posters and advertisements and learnt how to communicate clearly and confidently with my potential customers. We raised £1000 in six months.

I have read around in my subject, including Pour Your Heart into it, a book by Howard Schultz, founder of Starbucks, which was an inspiring account of how one man can change the world through his commercial vision. Ben Dattner and Darren Dahl’s The Blame Game discusses the human faults which can affect the running of large corporations and provokes much thought about careful HR management. My own IB Extended Essay was on the market structure of the oriental cuisines, comparing the firms’ theories about their businesses with the reality of the market they confront.

Outside my business interests I have also had work experience in the catering industry, acting as part of a team and sharing duties, meeting deadlines and carrying the responsibility of meeting customers’ demands. I was one of 15 prefects in a school of 550 pupils and head of my boarding house. I organised events and helped to maintain the wellbeing of the boys in my house. I enjoy sports such as climbing and water polo and took an active part in backstage support in school drama productions.

I am in effect trilingual, with Russian and Uzbek as my mother tongues, as well as fluent English, a very valuable asset for a businessman in an increasingly international world. I always work hard and make every effort to achieve the goals I am set. I have natural leadership skills, but am equally dependable as a team player. I am totally committed to my ambition and I believe I have the qualities and experience to become a very successful undergraduate.

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