Management Personal Statement

Sample Management Personal Statement

Izabella Prazdkha

My ambition to study for a degree in the area of business management, particularly in an international context, is inspired principally by a deep interest in the possibilities inherent in the use of IT in business methods. I am keenly aware of the ways that technology, particularly in this field, rapidly becomes obsolete, and that new developments are emerging at a rate which is both exciting and perhaps daunting for some, and my hope is that I can work on developing, analysing and managing the strategies of e-commerce, through exploring how IT and business services can contribute to successful trading across borders. I am interested in the challenges of maintaining competitiveness and growth in differing global economies and in the problems of devising international strategies and measuring the risks involved. My specific IT interests focus on the problems of software solutions to address computing needs in international business and how the technology can help staff to work efficiently and gain competitiveness. IT is of course at the heart of all modern business, in finance, banking and e-commerce, and a degree in a relevant area of the subject would be an invaluable asset for me in my future career.

To discover more about e-commerce methods I recently read Sylwia Wojciechowska-Filipek’s book, Information Technology in the Electronic Banking Services, which explains how the electronic banking system works, describes the technology used, the security and protection systems, potential threats, the conditions of development of banking services as well as the types of systems which enable their provision. The combination of banking methods with technology is an area full of exciting possibilities for the future which I should very much like to be a part of. I am also learning about the neuro-linguistic programming styles and techniques which will be very useful for a degree course and for my future career in the area of business marketing, promotion and the distribution of merchandise.

My work experience has given me a good introduction to the world of business. I have worked at Vital International, a hosting company which develops structures and networks. I was employed in customer services and also maintained the company intranet, managing the system cycle and sorting and updating files. I have also worked in an optician’s, again mainly in administration and customer service, which calls for patience, discretion and good communication skills. Both were good organisational experiences and developed my ability to work as part of a team. As part of my BTEC level 2 I worked on a project to examine the methods of setting up an emulator gaming system with a registration website. The final result was a video tutorial which established the main requirements and applications necessary to create the emulator system for public and private use, which also enabled new players to join the system using private networking after gaining permitted access to the IP. Networking is perhaps the area of business IT in which I am most interested and which I should like to see as the focus of my career.

One of my main interests is in drawing, designing and decorating system interfaces and databases, using various types of programs and applications. I also enjoy tutoring others who are working in business IT. This helps me to keep in touch with recent developments as well as maintaining my own continuing exploration of new technology and resources. I keep myself updated by following the BBC technology “Click” news and note forums and blogs such as T3 and Techradar.

I am hard-working, ambitious and very keen to work in my specific field. I am self-motivated, a good team player but also a very able independent worker, open minded, flexible and very professional in my attitude. My commitment to my chosen subject is total, and I believe I have the qualities to make a very successful undergraduate.

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