Management Masters Personal Statement

Example Management Masters Personal Statement

My ambition to study for a Master’s degree in Management has developed partly out of my family circumstances and equally in response to a recognition of my own natural aptitude for business and trading. My father runs a business and the assumption has long been that I shall take over the running at an appropriate time, and even as a child I was attracted by the idea of being the great decision-maker in a company. Then at Zhejiang University, where my intellectual curiosity at first led me to study biological sciences, my business instincts soon asserted themselves and I started up my own enterprise, taking on a franchise with the Haodada Chicken Cutlet Shop, a national chain, which turned out to be the most inspiring thing I have ever done and convinced me that the business world was my natural environment. I invested my own pocket money in the business, choosing the shop front and store design, recruiting employees and setting up a team. At every stage I was in control of developments and decisions. The business was very successful, taking RMB 1500 yuan daily, and even reaching RMB 2500 yuan at its peak. I invested a total of RMB 60,000 and made a profit of 60%. It was not just the monetary gain which excited me but also the prestige it gave me on campus and the admiration I earned from everyone. When harder times arrived, and competition increased with five other shops opening nearby, I took steps to increase our edge, liaising with the Shanghai HQ of the firm, developing new products and setting up a carryout service. Revenue remained at RMB 1400 and I eventually sold the business on graduation for RMB 120,000.

It is clear, I hope, why I should now like to devote my career to business, and particularly its international aspects, which no Chinese entrepreneur of any ambition can ignore. I am keen to study for an advanced qualification in a UK university, because of the high standing of UK degree courses, but also because it will give me an immediate insight into the key differences in trading practices and attitudes in a part of the world which is very foreign to me. I am eager to explore the ways that social behaviour and attitudes have an influence on business methods, and to learn to be aware of cultural diversity and what this means for demand and marketing. I need to discover more about international financial markets and banking practices in different parts of the world. The management of people demands good knowledge and understanding. How do regional differences make an impact on the relationship between employer and employee? I realise that I have much to learn and that success is very dependent on gaining this sort of knowledge, but I believe that this will be the path to my own personal and professional fulfilment as well as to business success.

It is something of a leap from my undergraduate course to a further degree in Business Management, but I believe that my first degree course has prepared me well for continuing study through the development of my logical thinking, my powers of innovation and my ability to manipulate ideas. Before I return to my father’s firm I am eager to improve my theoretical knowledge of the business world and to gain some practical experience, so my hope is that after completion of my studies I shall be able to spend some time working in a UK firm. After that I should like to set up my own business, with a view ultimately to merging it with my father’s.

I am hard-working and my work record has shown that I am very focused on my goals. I enjoy success and thrive on challenges, and I am always keen to find new ways to solve problems. I like working with other people, but I have natural powers of leadership which mean that I have no fear of taking responsibility for my own decisions. I am full of energy, devoted entirely to the realisation of my ambitions, and I believe I have the necessary qualities to become a very successful Master’s degree student.

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