Law Postgraduate Personal Statement

Sample Law Postgraduate Personal Statement

Successfully completing professional BA Attorney in Law, I have gained solid, legal academic training at an accredited educational institution. As an international student, I am on course to receive two qualifications which meet the English Language Requirements, Cambridge Certificate and TOEFL. I have developed an incredibly high interest in furthering my legal study in International Business Law in California. I believe this combination of achievements and qualities make me an ideal candidate to study this important area of law, at this internationally recognised faculty.

Reading Attorney in Law, I have gained professional legal education and training to qualify for a law society. This course has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to present a valid legal argument, with a sound understanding of the foundations of the legal structure, legislation and case law. From a young age, I have had a high curiosity in political and business affairs, where I would constantly read the news and magazines which focus on the business world. I discovered the ever changing business environment and how they face new laws, regulations and cases which involve small, large, new and established companies.

During my degree, I undertook judicial training, which required me to work with a prosecutor. I gained a lot of insight in to how prosecution lawyers think and work; dealing with crime scenes, victims and criminals. This was an interesting assignment; however, this training confirmed my interest in international business law, where the legal repercussions affect a wide range of stakeholders, from the employers, employees and customers to competitors. Having family members in corporate business, I have gained insight into the importance of business law. Understanding international business law, I will be able to provide solid legal advice, in which businesses are able to take informed and sound business decisions, taking my legal knowledge to a new level.

Personal skills include creativity, where presenting arguments with conviction, requires originality, inspiration and strategy. With such a wealth of knowledge, becoming a lawyer also means a high level of accuracy of the facts and legal support for the case. Given that legal practice is a complex process, I have also gained the ability to reflect on this and the law’s role in contemporary society. Studying law at degree level has enhanced my skills in problem solving and presenting watertight arguments to the opposition.

I am diligent, focused and motivated to succeed as an international business relations lawyer. I wish to bring my leadership skills, critical thinking and ability to present legally sound arguments to this internationally renowned course. I am keen to learn from esteemed professors the complex nature of international business law, relate to like-minded peers and further my knowledge and skills, which can be transferred anywhere in the world. I believe in working towards a fair and just legal system, providing professional legal advice and ensuring clients receive exemplary representation.

Specialising in Business Law will allow me to understand the opportunities and problems facing businesses in the changing global market place. Covering the fundamentals of law, relationship of law to ethics, criminal law, torts, contracts, agency, risk management, insurance and human resource management, this course will provide the power needed to prevent legal problems and resolve conflicts in business, faced by business managers.

Studying international business, trade and tax law will allow me to go in to business, industry and commercial environments confidently. Given the global financial situation, understanding corporate rescue and insolvency law will be of benefit to companies who are currently fighting for their future. The internet gives businesses, large and small, a global network. Information businesses provide is relevant to customers residing in the business home country and across the world, therefore a deeper understanding of e-commerce law is highly relevant to any modern enterprise. Protecting employers and employees from misconduct and disputes, employment law is an area in which is a necessary area to completely understand.

I understand that becoming a lawyer takes time and effort, where I am willing to make the commitment to this course, and future clients, for the progression of my career. International business law combines the elements of law which I enjoy – criminal and commercial law. Advising and representing on legal matters for public and private businesses presents a vast array of interesting legal avenues and challenges in the dynamic world of business.

In an increasingly competitive world, I am looking for focused training, which will help me critically analyse and evaluate laws governing business and international business relationships. By gaining a higher appreciation of relevant rules and principles of the international business law environment, will greatly enhance my career prospects and professional development. I believe this course will provide the relevant training and legal expertise to ensure business affairs are fair and just. I dream for the betterment of the legal system in Iran, and this course is the next step to achieving this goal.

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