Law Personal Statement

Sample Law Personal Statement

The decision to study law is both a personal and professional fulfilment. Having worked as a legal secretary for over ten years in London, I am now seeking to learn in greater depth the intricacies of this profession.

I believe the study of law is a vocation. To be a success in any discipline requires both passion and intellect for one’s subject and an inherent aptitude to balance the two. As a mature student and full-time mother, I am now in the position both personally and professionally to finally consolidate my experience and understanding of the theories of law into practice.

Coming from a legal background is immensely helpful as I have approached the return to full-time education. I am confident in asserting my professionalism in such an environment but I am incredibly eager to take on new challenges.

I have represented myself in The High Court during my divorce proceedings in the year 2000 as I ran out of financial assistance to pay for Solicitor’s. The outcome was satisfactory and successful and is one of my proudest achievements. Family and child law is a particularly strong interest and is where I would like to focus my attention. Of course, it is a very emotional subject but the jurisdiction of the law must be paramount. I am particularly interested in tempering the balance between the terms of ‘law’ and ‘family’ as social, economic, political and philosophical theories must also be taken into consideration. Of particular contemporary interest to me is also the Home Secretary’s recent assertion that she will stop foreign offenders using the ‘right to family life’ to stay in Britain. Of course, the incorporation into British law of the European Convention on Human Rights is one of the most contentious issues within the Coalition Government. Article Eight of the convention, ensuring the right to a family life, has been used by some foreign offenders fighting expulsion from Britain. It is this fine line between emotion and facts which I find most intellectually compelling about law.

As a mature student returning to full-time education, I am already well-versed in the importance of efficient organisation and time management being a full-time parent and working mother. I am an extremely diligent, dedicated and intellectually curious individual who relishes challenges. Furthermore, I have always sought personal and professional development and am always willing to embrace changes. Outside of work, I am dedicated to being a mother and also spend a lot of time reading (generally autobiographies, law journals and historical fiction), cooking and socialising with friends.

I am also interested in how the law can evolve and change and, consequently, have a strong interest in the Internet and the laws developing around social media platforms. The most recent case of the super-injunction taken out by the well-known footballer, only for a social media website to expose the information, is a perfect case in point and I am curious to see how the law will evolve to handle any future similar situations. It is this conflict of rights which most interests me about my intended degree subject and the intellectual rigors involved as to how best resolve them.

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