Law Personal Statement

Sample Law Personal Statement

I am a responsible, hard working and disciplined person deeply committed to a career in the legal profession. My interest in Law stems from a fascination with resolving conflict and the important contribution it makes to our society. I view Law as a career in which I will have the opportunity to lead and adapt in an ever-changing society. As I relish the opportunity for lateral thinking and evaluating the microcosm of human relations, Law and the problem solving it requires is ideally suited to my skills. The benefit of a law degree is the fast paced, forward thinking training it gives. As a methodical and organized individual, law holds a fascination to me because of the tradition of laws written and how they have changed but also provides a positive challenge, as each case is always different. I feel that I will benefit from learning at a world-class law school, as I am at my best when challenged and wish to dedicate myself to a career as a solicitor.

My ability to work professionally in high-end retail brands shows my compliance to a structured and methodical discipline as well as an ability to communicate with a variety of people. I am capable of solving disputes and settling customer complaints amicably. Working within these large companies also allowed me to show professionalism and reliability by my ability to work towards deadlines and targets.

The up-market company requires a confident disposition from an employee and a proficient memory in order to procedure is followed. I was also given the responsibility to complete dedicated tasks by communicating with a team of successful, motivated individuals. I was also asked to train a new employee, which displays the high degree of trust my employers have for me.

Working for these brands has allowed me to showcase how I am able to acquire new skills and process knowledge quickly and efficiently. My understanding of a professional environment has driven my focus towards a career as a solicitor because I understand the skill set required. I have shown that I would be able to communicate with clients on a concise level while simultaneously understanding the technicalities of law on a professional level.

My ability to digest and learn vast quantities of information is proven by languages learnt. Having Lithuanian as my mother tongue but learning English and Russian is evidence of my ability to grasp rules and learn data quickly. I am able to write organized and persuasive prose and communicate verbally in a manner, which conveys my point clearly. From my studies, I have already shown competence in logical reasoning, understanding documents, drawing inferences, making connections and reaching logical conclusions. I am also aware that extensive reading is essential for a successful legal career. This is ideal for me as I am an avid reader with a varied literary interest. I like books, which have room for freedom to think such as Dalai Lama; ‘Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent.’ This understanding that one word or the lack of words can alter an entire situation is profound because it is not often that people notice the powerful effect of silence. This correlates with my personal thinking process and is also vital for a successful legal career. By studying for a law degree I hope that this intense ability to recognize small differences by attention to detail will become second nature.

My decision to study towards a law degree has not been taken lightly. I know the dedication needed and I am not afraid of hard or time-consuming work. I am highly disciplined and my academic success has reinforced my desire to study law. My aim is to obtain a law degree but I understand the importance of ingesting the knowledge taught to me throughout the course in order to achieve this. I aim to develop skills such as the ability to communicate in a clear and concise manner, analytical and logical reasoning, teamwork, organization and legal knowledge and research. I feel that this is what is required to give me firm foundations on which to build a career as a solicitor.

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