Law Personal Statement

Sample Law Personal Statement

Law is the purest expression of a society’s attempt to offer definition and structure for itself. This is what makes the subject both so fascinating and so essential, in that it asks the big questions about both the way in which our civilisations have been formed and their future direction. In an increasingly globalised economy, in which the causal link between financial markets, the business world and each of our lives has become more apparent than ever, I can think of no more crucial or exciting area of study than the legal response to this ever-shifting landscape. I have become increasingly fascinated by the idea of developing my skills, knowledge and experience of the corporate and commercial applications of law and would be privileged to continue my studies in this area at such a prestigious institution.

I have already pursued my interests in various aspects of law at undergraduate level, attaining strong grades across a range of modules. It is the point at which my previous course has touched upon aspects of commercial law that has interested me the most, however, and has inspired me to continue focusing my studies on these elements of the field in future. I am also acutely aware that effectively practising law requires a broader understanding of the field and am looking forwarding to expanding my knowledge as much as possible through postgraduate study and arming myself with the tools necessary to become an effective addition to the profession upon graduation.

I have also gained a sense of the importance of commercial and corporate law through work experience, both that related to the legal profession and that related to other fields. Working to help support myself throughout my studies has not only offered a crash course in organising and prioritising tasks and managing my time, but has also allowed me to gain a first hand perspective on the importance of commercial and corporate law in structuring business practices and standardising and safeguarding procedures.

Gaining hands on experience through pupillage within two law firms has combined with this extra work experience to provide a well-rounded perspective on the application of the academic knowledge I have gained. I have completed a mini pupillage, where I shadowed the head of chambers, while he was involved with a number of family law cases. I extended this knowledge of family law during my first week at a local solicitors, helping and advising several families through the painful and complex procedure of divorce. It was the second week of this placement, during which I got to observe commercial solicitors undertaking a range of cases, involving administration, liabilities, service contracts and takeovers, which really fired my imagination and confirmed that this was the area of study that I ultimately wanted to pursue.

I have also taken every possible opportunity to find out as much as possible about this and other areas of the legal profession through attending extra-curricular talks and events. I have a certificate of attendance from BPP Law School’s Commercial Awareness Workshop, which proved a useful foundation for further study in the field. As an active an involved member of my university’s Law Society, I have also met and spoken with a range of people within the profession, gaining a good perspective on every aspect and solidifying my ultimate decision to pursue corporate and commercial law. I also enjoy the sense of pride and teamwork that comes from playing a role in the wider academic community, and believe myself to have been a strong asset to my institution in all aspect of my student experience.

In my spare time, I also enjoy keeping up to date with news and current affairs and have only become more inspired to pursue my chosen course by the central place that financial affairs have held in our culture over the last few years. Studying any aspect of commercial and corporate law at a time when financial institutions are under such great levels of scrutiny cannot fail to be anything less than fascinating and will inspire me to continue performing to the same high standard, and hope exceeding all that has gone before, as I progress through my academic and professional career.

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