Law Personal Statement

Sample Law Personal Statement

Laws are not put in place to restrict our freedoms but to protect them. Combining consideration of the philosophical issues at its core, such as the nature and application of justice, studying Law also offers the opportunity to make a positive impact on society through applying these laws in the protection of our most fundamental moralities. Having proven myself a dedicated, hardworking student, through study and work experience, I believe that I have shown the correct combination of skill and aptitude to confront the challenges of such an essential discipline.

As a consistently excellent student I have demonstrated both my dedication and my ability across multiple disciplines, completing my Certificate of General Secondary Education with Level 5 (Excellent) or Level 4 (Good) across the board. Supplementing this with study at St Clare’s College towards an International Baccalaureate, I have also demonstrated my ability to study within the British education system and work to a high standard in the English language. I have always been particularly fascinated by subjects, like Law, which require the construction of sustained argument through the presentation of evidence, and have excelled in History (taking 3rd place in a country-wide World History competition) and Psychology. I have also performed well in subjects that foreground verbal communication; studying and speaking English, Russian, Kazakh and French.

I have also undertaken several placements which have shown me what working within the field actually entails. 2 months full time work as an assistant to an attorney in a mortgage company allowed me to undertake many of the administrative tasks associated with property law, as well as teaching me the importance of time management and responsibility as I was allocated new duties and my remit expanded. This placement built on my previous experience with the company, when I had been asked to review documents for them, with the help of a professional lawyer explaining the fundamental principles as the review progressed.

The fascinating intricacy that I observed in this one area has inspired me to further my knowledge of the field through supplementary reading. I have read a wide range of books related to law and the legal profession and have become more convinced that it is the correct match for my interests and ability with each one.

Outside my interests in the law, I am a keen sportsman, having represented my country in freestyle wrestling. The discipline and organisation necessary to achieve this level of success have instilled in me the value of hard work and dedication, both of which I hope to apply to my studies. I also enjoy music and have played the piano for six years, achieving level 5 (excellent) in a number of grades. One of the principles of law that excites me is its ability to give back to the community, something that I have always enjoyed and that has been exhibited in my voluntary work with young children. Fostering working relationships with the children and my colleagues has also shown me the importance of excellent communication in achieving a common goal.

Having shown myself to be dedicated and hardworking and having gained practical experience within the field, I am now ready to progress my studies in order that I might make a valuable professional contribution in future. While my previous experience has focused on commercial and property law, both areas which still interest me, I am also inspired by the wider principle of the legal protection of rights. It is this essential, societal role that makes the law so important and that makes me determined to pursue the highest levels of education possible so that I might practice it effectively.

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