Law Personal Statement 2

Sample Law Personal Statement

Law is one of the greatest expressions of our desire for self-improvement, in that it creates a code of behaviour for society that enshrines fundamental notions of justice and protects these notions from abuse. Now, more than ever, with the core principles of the financial industry being continually questioned, it is important to understand Law’s application to the world of business; which affects each of our daily lives and requires a levelling force to ensure standard practice, efficiency and justice. Having gained a strong grounding in the field of Business Studies and supplemented this with hands on experience in the field of Law, I believe that I have demonstrated the ability and drive to undertake further study at undergraduate level.

I have focused my academic career thus far on providing a strong basis for furthering my study of both Business and Law, undertaking a BTEC in Business Studies; for which I am predicted a Double Distinction. Alongside the broad range of business and finance principles studied, I have also been particularly inspired by those areas of the course that outline the legal principles that effect businesses and would be keen to learn more about this area of law at undergraduate level. Aware that Business and Law, like all fields, currently make extensive use of information technology, I have also undertaken Applied ICT courses, to ensure that I keep up to date with technological movements that are influencing industry.

There is no substitute for hands on experience, however, when attempting to gain a sense of what working in a particular field will actually be like. To this end I have been lucky enough to undertake two placements with solicitors. During work experience with a leading solicitors firm, I gained experience of studying case law and attending court with a barrister specialising in personal injury cases. I got a sense of the demands of the job but also the emotional and intellectual rewards of completing a case successfully. This built on my previous which specialised in personal injury law, where I was introduced to the basic principles of case law and office administration, such as typing up letters and filing. Having always been interested in business, I have also held down a weekend job providing IT support, learning a great deal about business administration, from accounting and finance to marketing and sales, including attending a course on these latter subjects. I have found each of these experiences equally rewarding and am now keen to pursue an academic and professional career that potentially allows me to combine these interests.

In my spare time I am a keen sportsman and believe that I exhibit a dedicated and ambitious nature throughout training. I have played football for my school throughout the years and am also a keen golfer. I have also pursued qualification in jet ski instruction and other watersports, such as wakeboarding and powerboating. I recently passed my driving test following only 4 hours of instruction and within two weeks of my 17th birthday, demonstrating not only my natural affinity with piloting vehicles but also the determination that I will apply to achieving my goals.

As my dedication to gaining experience in the field demonstrates, I am as driven to pursue my passion for law and business as I am in all other areas of my life. Given the opportunity to supplement this experience with further study, I feel confident that I can ultimately provide a valuable addition to the field in a professional capacity upon graduation.

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