Law personal Statement

Sample Law Personal Statement

Having witnessed the effects of a terrorized nation when living in Pakistan, Helena Kennedy’s idea that ‘Just Law’ is the ‘bedrock of a nation’ sparked my interest in law, particularly in the field of human rights. By developing my abilities to reason and express myself articulately, and giving me a wealth of legal knowledge, a law degree will equip me with the tools to make a difference.

During my A-level studies, legal issues that arose have fascinated me. For my History coursework on Britain’s progression from Empire to Commonwealth, I researched British imperial law and the policies adopted in this period of social change. This aided my understanding in English of the clash of cultures in Levy’s ‘Small Island’, where societies’ legal structures did not promote equal opportunities. My interest in the differential treatment of human rights in different societies throughout history inspired me to explore Jeremy Bentham’s early ideas on legal positivism. I also found Anthony King’s ‘The British Constitution’ a riveting account of the development of modern British law

My A-level experiences have also allowed me to build on valuable skills for the study of Law. Passion for reading drove me to explore beyond the English Literature syllabus and to consider various angles taken by historians and theorists like William James and Freud. The complexity of Religious Studies and taking an analytical approach to the theories of Hume, James and Anselm without a tutor required commitment and independent thought.

My academic interest in law is supported by practical experience, including a 2 week placement. I researched a number of cases both independently and as part of a team, which was challenging as I had to adopt a wholly objective perspective in each case. Taking part in a mock a trial was fascinating, especially after being chosen to play the role of defence barrister. I learnt a great deal about formal court procedure, memorised statute law and developed a probing analytical eye necessary for identifying gaps in the opposing party’s argument and forming an argument strong enough to debunk them.

During my gap year I volunteered at a solicitors’ office carrying out important clerical work. Being trusted with case files, I came to realise the complexities of employment and family law, such as the legalities involved in divorce, child custody, termination of parental rights and protection from abuse. In this role I cultivated the ability to accumulate large amounts of information and then conveying my findings concisely. During this year I also participated in local council incentives, including debate classes, through which I developed eloquence in articulating structured arguments. Giving formal presentations to council members regarding community issues has improved my interpersonal skills; tact and empathy with which I worked will help me when dealing with a diversity of clients in the future.

Beyond academia I dedicate much of my free time helping others. I volunteer as a English GCSE tutor and serve as a ‘homework helper’ through the local council, which has improved my communication skills. I have become a confident public speaker through my role as a key member of the steering group for Yorkshire’s input into the cultural Olympiad ‘Precious Cargo’ for the 2012 Olympics, which involved organizing creative public workshops. Outside of my busy schedule I am currently immersed in the translation of philosophic poems by Dr Allamah Iqbal.

History is marked by influential figures such as Martin Luther King and Gandhi who wielded the law as a tool to instigate massive social change. By studying Law I will have the opportunity to live and work at the centre of an ever-evolving societal structure, and to provoke change. This degree will equip me with the knowledge and tools I need carry through my ambition.

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