Law Personal Statement

Example Law Personal Statement

I consider myself to have all of the necessary qualities to enable me to be a successful, competent lawyer. I am a confident speaker who can argue a case with efficiency and potency. This can be seen by my successful participation in my school’s debating society where we covered a vast amount of topics, in detail. This has enhanced my ability to question and analyse critically the world in which we live and develop skills, which are crucial for the study of law.

I enjoy reading and researching Law. It holds vast interest to me. I am an avid reader of the law section of the Times newspaper and the Economist, it is truly remarkable how such a varied range of issues are covered by Law. I particularly enjoy reading patent cases. For example, the Samsung versus apple patent legal battle in how innovation is encouraged within the business sector and the importance placed on patents to protect the inventor and the innovation.

My A levels have helped me to hone skills required for a successful legal career, I have gained analytical skills and knowledge of how to think out of the box to come to a conclusion in philosophy. My history a level has taught me to use sources and evidence to come to a logical conclusion and be able to argue for this conclusion effectively.

I have had experience as a volunteer at St Mary’s hospital where I helped the staff here and learnt invaluable lessons on professionalism and how a hospital works. I have also had two weeks work experience at a property firm in their help and support section. I learnt to successfully communicate with other people and to work within a team to complete tasks and achieve targets and deadlines.

Studying political philosophy at A level has encouraged my logical thinking and had made me focus on the idea of human rights and the importance that these hold. Travelling has allowed me to see the differences in legal systems around the world and further increased my desire to study Law. I was able to see the differentiation in human rights, particularly between western countries in comparison to others and this has given me an interest in preserving them across the world.

My vast debating experience shows my commitment to representing alternative sides of an argument and partaking in the debating society has improved my reasoning and presentation skills dramatically. I am a confident public speaker and I also enjoy it. . Public speaking is a challenge that I find both exciting and thrilling, and one that I am certainly interested in tackling further and more extensively at university. My previous experiences in this led to my choice to choose to study Law and I am hoping to have the opportunity to learn more about this interesting and vast field of study.

Aside from my academic history, I am an active swimmer and a badminton enthusiast. I am also very sociable and know that I can bring a lot to my university. I like to get involved in extra curricular teams and societies and to experience new things, which is why I feel that university life will be suited to me as I will push myself into new experiences wholeheartedly.

I have the interest and skills to be a successful student of law. I look forward to meeting and accomplishing the challenges of further education, knowing that I am equipped with the skills necessary to be a competent lawyer and individual. My non-academic interests also allow me to play a full part in the wider aspects of university life. My ambition is to successfully graduate university with a Law degree and progress from this to become a successful commercial lawyer.

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