Law Personal Statement

Sample Law Personal Statement

The rule of law is omnipresent and omnipotent, qualities which make it a feature and an influence over our everyday lives. The many-headed hydra of the law is an ever changing entity, and its dynamic nature defines our contemporary society, our current affairs and our resulting actions. It is these characteristics which have captured my interest in the legal system, and I feel it is of paramount importance to have a detailed understanding of the law, both with regard to its foundation, and its future.

Having had international experience of the law from both an Iranian and British view point, I appreciate the value of developing a worldwide perspective of the differing legal frameworks which apply around the world. My aspiration to study in America stems from the desire to increase my international understanding of such frameworks and cultures. I have always enjoyed learning about the economic, political and cultural diversities between nations, and I would like to improve my knowledge of one of the most legally prestigious countries in the world.

After graduating as an attorney in Law in 2009, I found myself longing to learn more about a wider spectrum of legal systems, especially those in other countries. Therefore I would now like to turn my attention to law in the international arena and progress my academic understanding of the subject.

My multi-lingual capabilities provide me with a good foundation upon which to further my knowledge of international law and prepare me well for a career which will no doubt require a competency in a variety of languages. My mother tongue of Farsi is supplemented by my proficient understanding of English, for which I have recently received a certificate from Cambridge University and completed a TOEFL test. Further to my linguistic capabilities, my international background provides me with an extensive understanding of several cultures and customs.

My academic understanding of law has been supplemented by a work placement, where I undertook judicial training to give me a hands-on understanding of how the law is applied in practice. Such a placement enabled me not only to appreciate the finer details of the British legal procedure, but also to develop my interpersonal and communication skills within a professional work place. I believe transferable skills such as these compliment my academic abilities, and are imperative to cultivate prior to entering a field such as international law. I also believe that a responsible approach is paramount in a law-related profession, and this placement has laden me with plenty of responsibility.

My practical understanding does not end within the realm of law, but extends to the world of finance and business. Having helped my father and his accountancy business with numerous contentious legal matters, I have come to understand that the spheres of business and law are inextricably linked. Such work has also enhanced my professional communication expertise.

My interest and knowledge surrounding international business and law has been developed as much by my extensive reading around the subject, as by my education and work experience. I spend a large proportion of my leisure time studying a variety of media outlets to keep up to date on international politics, economics and cultural affairs. This enables me to have an informed position on matters such as commercial law, criminal law and civil law. I believe my contemporary understanding of these subjects stands me in good stead to further my education as post graduate. In addition, I believe my self-motivation, determination and desire to study around the subject will enable me to make the most of any learning opportunity.

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