Law Personal Statement

Sample Law Personal Statement

My ambition to become a lawyer comes from my observations of the world around me and the image of agents of justice I have come across in books and films. I was inspired by the character of Atticus Finch in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, a man who possesses many qualities I admire. He is non-judgemental, always ready to be fair in his views of others and passionate about the importance of giving justice to all. He accepts the job of defending a black man, knowing that it will earn him real hostility and scorn, but driven by an unflinching commitment to the principle of justice. My own ambition is to become a barrister working in the criminal law, but I am keen to learn about all kinds of law. I am strongly aware that law is one of the cornerstones of civilization, a set of conventional rules and judgements that makes human society possible. There can hardly be a more important job in the human world, and the prospects are both challenging and exciting.

I should like to gain an understanding of the key concepts in the study of crime and criminal justice, and of the processes of criminal enquiry. The relationship between argument and evidence interests me, and I am eager to learn about the historical context of crime and punishment and to gain the ability to evaluate criminological research findings. Applying legal concepts in practical situations is also a challenge. At the same time I am aware of how diverse law is as a study and as a profession. Although the criminal law is my first interest I should also like to explore areas such as banking and finance law, the growing body of law governing the environment, the law systems emerging from the EU, family law and human rights law, and the huge area of tax law. It is clearly a field which no one man can master in its entirety, and is further complicated by the fact that as an organic entity it is constantly changing and developing. There is certainly a lifetime’s interest in the subject.

I have some experience of the working world. I undertook a placement as an administrator in a GP’s surgery, using a database and dealing with patients’ enquiries, which gave me a taste of how the world of public service runs. I have also worked as a tutor to young people approaching their 10+ and 11+ examinations. We have a family friend who is a criminal defence lawyer who has given me much information and advice about his profession and the complexities of the criminal law. To hear him speak of his own personal experiences has been one of my greatest sources of inspiration.

At school I completed the D of E Bronze Award, an indication of my determination and sense of responsibility. It was a challenging event, calling for much hard work and careful planning. I am a very keen sportsman and have played football and cricket for many teams. I captain the Olympics FC, a team in the British Tamils League, which calls for leadership skills and an awareness of the abilities of others. I completed my Volunteering in Schools Award this year, in which I worked with younger people developing their cricketing skills. It was enjoyable and rewarding, and an achievement I really valued.

I believe that I am a realistic and sensible student. My desire to study law certainly originates in a commitment to principle and a sense that there is much injustice in the world, but I am fully aware that a degree course will be complex, detailed and intellectually very challenging, and that the job of a lawyer (particularly a criminal lawyer) can be harrowing and difficult. I know that there will be much hard work, that nothing less than 100 per cent commitment is ever acceptable in the professional lawyer and that the responsibility he or she carries is momentous. Nevertheless I can imagine no more fulfilling career. I am industrious and enthusiastic, work well with other people, and have an analytical mind and a good academic record. I hope you will consider my application.

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