Language Personal Statement

Sample Law Personal Statement.

It was our frequent family discussions about my Dad’s small IT business that first sparked my own interest in studying Business This interest has grown as I have become increasingly aware of how the greater business world operates and I look forward to building on this and discovering more about the complexities and challenges that can exist in both large and small organisations, as well as, the intricacies of the international business community. My invaluable work experience, travelling, language skills andextra curricular achievements have also given me the confidence to feel that I could make a great success of a course in International Business that will allow me to extend my business and language skills and prepare me for my future career

I believe that my fluency in French is a valuable skill that will give me the advantage of being able to converse with and learn from other cultures. Having being fortunate enough to have visited places such as France, Italy, Mexico and Indonesia, I realise that I want my work to involve different cultures; my ultimate aim is to work for a multinational company. Over time my interest and knowledge of French has grown extensively. Having taken part in several exchanges I have become more fluent and developed a strong interest in French culture, this has been encouraged by building strong relationships with ourexchange partners. My Participation in the Comenius Project, which involved four other European countries, and the UCAPE Language Conference in France, Luxembourg and Belgium has further developed my communication skills as well as providing the opportunity to discuss current issues with other young Europeans. Exchanges and participation in european language projects and Comenius Projects have taught me that the most effective way for me to learn a language is to undertake a university course which will allow me to spend time in the chosen country.

Whilst employed part time in a local hotel I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to work as part of a team. I was also given the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities, including training junior members of staff and covering for senior staff absences. In the hotel the focus was always on making sure we ran as efficiently as possible. More recently however, working in a jewellery shop has given me a different perspective as I am often left in charge and have direct responsibility for sales and customer service.

Being an enthusiatic participant in the Young Enterprise Scotland Programme has allowed me to acquire a greater insight into business practice and improved my team working skills. As the delegated Marketing Director I was able to utilize skills developed in my recent work experiences such as communication and organisation to promote our product and maximise sales. I also gained second place in the Star Program, a business orientated competition designed to promote business skills within education.

I am a keen public speaker and debater, I have won several inter-house competitions and last year was runner up in The Mckinstry Debating Competition. Taking part in these events has increased my self confidence and taught me how to respond quickly when under pressure, a useful skill in the world of business. I enjoy playing hockey and being in the first XI has helped me maintain physical fitness while improving my team working skills and increased my determination to succeed. I am participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award where I have achieved Bronze and now working on Silver.

Whilst holding a principal role in our school musical production I also participated in a local Musical Theatre and Dance Group and was also selected to sing with the National Girls Choir. Being elected House Captain hopefully indicates that I am regarded, as reliable and trustworthy: these posts have also allowed me to develop my motivational and leadership skills while organising inter-house activities.

I look forward to the benefits of a university education and the opportunity to study business and languages as I believe I possess the skills and qualities to be successful and that my chosen field of study will both provide stimulating challenges and enjoyment not only academically , but as a life experience.

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