Language Personal Statement

Sample Language Personal Statement

Language, with all its seemingly infinite variation, is still humanity’s clearest hope for communicating both the simple and the complex ideas that structure all of our lives. Through studying Chinese I hope to ultimately be able to play a role in aiding this communication process between those who do not share the same language. Chinese, like other languages, has been subject to a fascinating process of change and adaptation as the population has grown and spread across the region. As such, it offers an entry point for other Asian languages while also increasing in importance as China’s influence grows.

Having taken time to consider my academic abilities and interests before committing to undergraduate study, I have proven myself capable of achieving solid grades across a range of subjects. At school I not only pursued the study of language, gaining a GCSE in Spanish, but also studied various other subjects with a strong focus on communication, such as English Language, Literature and Drama. After leaving school, I undertook a GNVQ in Business Studies, before passing Access to Higher Education courses in both Science and the Humanities. Each of these has given me an excellent grounding in the transferable study skills necessary to perform to a high standard at undergraduate level, such as structuring and delivering projects within strict deadlines and essay writing. In addition, exploring a range of academic possibilities has fostered an inter-disciplinary approach that will allow me to successfully undertake each of the distinct aspects that constitutes the study of language, from linguistics to literature.

My interest in the Chinese language has also inspired me to pursue extra-curricular study. I regularly read books that provide an understanding of the basics of the language and will soon be starting a course in basic Chinese to ensure that I gain practice in both speaking and reading the language prior to beginning the subject at university.

Since leaving school I have undertaken a range of employment positions whilst pursuing further study. Most recently I have worked at the British Museum. This has offered the opportunity to interact with people from all nationalities and cultures and to attempt to find the best way to communicate information to them across language barriers. It has also raised my awareness of the development of language and culture through time, being surrounded by the preserved evidence of that process. I have also undertaken teaching for a busy riding school, again often interacting with tourists from a number of countries, as well as gaining experience of presenting to and managing groups of students, and taking responsibility for the welfare of both the customers and the animals. A parallel career in service industries, such as tourism and retail, has instilled in me an ability to think on my feet, to communicate effectively with all types of people and work well as part of team.

Outside of work and study, I enjoy a wide range of sports and outdoor activities, from horse riding and rock climbing to swimming and netball. I have proven to be a dedicated team player in many of these, gaining teaching and officiating experience. I also enjoy reading and writing and I find watching films from other countries is an easy and enjoyable way to hear the language I use as well as gaining a sense of the culture.

A hardworking student and employee, I have proven to be capable of turning my hand to anything. Alongside the flexibility and transferable skills this has engendered, I have discovered a passion for the study of language that ensures I am able to make a firm commitment to further study. Honing my ability to communicate and acquiring an awareness of the Chinese language and culture will allow me to combine my interests and aptitude with the knowledge necessary to achieve my goal of working as an interpreter.

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