Language Personal Statement

Sample Language Personal Statement

I have enjoyed learning languages since my first encounter with them at the beginning of my secondary school career. I found that I had something of an aptitude for them and learnt quickly, and also soon began to appreciate the excitement of experiencing other cultures. In year 11 I undertook exchanges to both France and Italy, which were revelatory to me in the way they turned my school experience of foreign languages into reality and enabled me to apply my knowledge to real life situations. I took part in another exchange in year 12 where I developed my abilities and skills further and had the opportunity to spend a week in a French school, attending lessons and learning about the life of French school students, and I am planning another such visit in 2012 which I hope will include a week’s work experience, possibly as receptionist in a hotel. I love all things French and Italian, particularly the language, and only wish to expand and improve my knowledge and skills through studying the subject at degree level. In an international world it seems to me that an ability to use languages is becoming increasingly important. My ultimate aim is to be able to use my language ability in my future career, probably in an international law firm.

I am a confident and outgoing person and languages give me the opportunity to meet and interact with international friends as well as holding out many employment options. I am also very interested in the differences of culture, such as the way in which France is regarded as the Catholic Church’s “eldest daughter”, with the largest concentration of orthodox Catholics in the world, while the state itself is uncompromisingly secular, a fierce proponent of “laicit” and free-thinking. Italian society is another enthralling subject. I should like to learn more about the extraordinary “anni di piombo” of the 1970s, with their spate of terrorist attacks and kidnapping. I enjoy the literature of these countries too. I have read L’tranger, and also Madame Bovary, with its ruthless attitude to human weakness and its picture of the suffocating world of the French petit bourgeoisie in the 19th century. I loved Io non ho Pauro, both the book and the film, and even read some of the Harry Potter books in French and Italian, which were great fun. I read any French or Italian magazines I can find, such as Rendez-vous and La Vie en France, and I watch French television news. I am currently working in a French and Italian school club for younger pupils, discovering new ways to teach the languages and share my enthusiasm.

Outside my language interests I lead a very busy life. I am a member of Chickenshed’s Youth Theatre, performing and often acting as a group leader. I have even been lucky enough to perform at venues such as the Albert Hall. It is a great builder of confidence. I have been a member of the scouts for ten years and hold a Gold Chief Scout Award, which involves much teamwork and determination. I was chosen to represent my area at the World Scout Jamboree in 2011 and in 2010 I was selected to represent London at a garden party at Buckingham Palace. I am a keen gymnast and a qualified judge, and received two Jack Petchey Achievement Awards, for being an “Outstanding Achiever” in young leadership and sports volunteering, and also for my general positive outlook on life, and have been shortlisted for the “Young Volunteer of the Year” Award. I have also gained my National Pool Lifeguard Qualification, the result of intense training and practice.

All of these activities are evidence of the energy and commitment I extend to all areas of my life. I am academically able, hard-working and determined to succeed, but also easy-going and companionable. I am conscientious towards the needs of others and assured in my dealings with them. I have every confidence that I shall be a very successful undergraduate, and I hope you will consider my application.

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