Language Personal Statement

Sample Language Personal Statement

I have always been passionate about all aspects of sport – playing a wide range myself, teaching others and learning how the human body operates during exercise. My competitive nature means I always push myself to work to the best of my ability, both on the sports pitch and in the classroom.

Learning about the muscular and skeletal systems within the human body as part of my PE A-level has fascinated me. I am particularly interested in the way a combination of diet and exercise can completely transform a person’s shape. I loved the opportunity to learn more about the impact of exercise on the body in greater depth through independent research for my coursework. My A-level Dance overlaps a great deal, and I have to apply my knowledge of nutrition, training and skill development to choreograph creative physical routines.

I want to combine my academic sporting interests with my love of French at degree level. I am a native French speaker, and I enjoy utilising my language skills to immerse myself in French culture by travelling to France and communicating with locals, I enjoy watching french films, and find reading French literature such as “Lou Tresor du Flibrige” enables me to appreciate the sophistication and elegance of the language. As one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, the opportunity to improve the standard of my business French at university would be invaluable in opening up worldwide career opportunities, such as becoming a translator.

Another potential career option would be to teach PE. I love sharing my enthusiasm for sport with others, such as during my work experience, I coached primary school pupils in hockey. I helped them to enhance their understanding of sport and improve their competence in team and independent work. I also run a weekly two hour Street Dance class for children aged 5-10, which requires a very high level of organisation and preparation. I apply a similar well-planned approach to my studies, setting myself targets and goals, which will enable me to cope well with the extra pressures posed by university study.

In my spare time I take part in a wide range of physical activities. I play Hockey, Football, Rugby and currently captain my school basketball team. This responsibility involves ensuring the team turn up for training and motivating them during matches. During summer holidays I am pro-active in seeking employment. Last year I worked in a bar, which greatly increased my self-confidence and increased my ability to work well under pressure. I developed excellent communication skills when dealing with customers, aided by my language skills.

I am a very determined student, with the ability to motivate both myself and others. I am prepared to work as hard as it takes to achieve my goals and would be a fully committed member of the degree course. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application, I look forward to hearing from you.

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