Language Personal Statement

Sample Language Personal Statement

In a constantly globalising climate, the ability to interpret the world through a non-native language has become more important than ever before and can open doors to the most exciting of careers. French took its place as the language of diplomacy for centuries and is still integral within the UN; a fitting accolade, as France has been a seat of progressive thought for as long as liberal democracy has been practised. I have always dreamed of running my own business in future, but the chance to combine my love of French with my desire to grasp the complex practices required to succeed in business would only expand my opportunities further. A 2nd language offers unprecedented opportunities to communicate with others in industry and understand their approaches, which has already become clear from my work experience at home and abroad. I am convinced that through an advanced study of French and Business I will better understand not only the workings of business, but the nuances of French society and culture and how they influence the business world; with a view to establishing myself in pan-European business in the future.

I obtained work experience at a French real estate company in Sophia-Antipolis to learn more about the combined disciplines. Experiencing a partial language barrier forced me to learn constantly from native speakers and thereby improve my skills, and I became increasingly aware of the differences in managerial practices in a foreign setting. In order to gain a sense of contrast, I also completed a placement at a local English hotel. I have since realised the importance of republican-oriented working practices in France, such as a short working week and worker priorities, in stark contrast to England where working conditions are stricter and more regulated by businesses. The considerable power of trade unions in France demands that French firms adapt their practices to motivate their workers, and thus the use of language is crucial. I am now keen to experience the challenges presented to cross-national firms, and am seeking a placement with a European-wide business to enhance my understanding of international regulations.

Through my study of History, English and Economics I have gained excellent reasoning skills, which will equip me well for the study of French at university. Economics in particular has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of concepts such as macroeconomics which underpin the business world, and in making a case study of Globalisation and the EU, I have been intrigued by trading blocs which regulate equality and maximise profitability; as well as the difficulties which can arise in trade from global controls. I have a natural entrepreneurial spirit and a thirst for the world of enterprise, which leads me to keep abreast of international developments through reading The Economist, The Times and Le Monde regularly.

I have also found my business sense useful in my other activities, as beyond my studies I am a keen sportsman; I play in the First XI football team at school, as well as academy level in my spare time. This has shown me that the success of the team is dependent upon their levels of motivation and enthusiasm, and thus I have learnt how to motivate others to achieve my aims. My varied sporting activities have imbued me with focus, determination and commitment to a goal and I have been awarded sporting colours as a result of my efforts.

My academic work and personal experiences have all provided a solid foundation for a successful career in Business: namely a logical mind, a broad knowledge base and the tenacity to succeed. Above all, my increasing aptitude for French will allow me to pursue greater business opportunities in future and although this path is more challenging, I have the motivation to achieve my goals and will embrace the rewards of a truly international future.

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