Journalism Personal Statement

Sample Journalism Personal Statement

A dedicated member of the Model United Nations at school, I have been selected to present coverage of this year’s conference, a debating event attracting participants from across the globe. Leading a small media team, I will create informative reports and ensure their accessibility through voxpops and the school intranet. Well-qualified for this crucial role, I have already presented the sixth form’s mock-election political broadcast, taking on the duties of host and interviewing candidates. Such excellent communication skills have been honed through active participation in many drama festivals and amateur performances; several L.A.M.D.A. certificates testify to my ability to connect with and compel an audience. Recently, I auditioned for a well-known television drama and was approached by a production company scout with the suggestion of training as a presenter. This was not the first time that I had considered this career option but my interest in the field was heightened as a result. I recognise the media as an extremely influential force in society, impacting on public perception of contemporary issues and even shaping lives. Despite directing the attention of consumers to innumerable important and worthwhile news stories through quality investigative journalism, the media as a whole is increasingly being demonised for propagating social pressures such as the body-image crisis. I am convinced that a new wave of journalists must challenge this by addressing concerns in a constructive manner, allowing fresh voices to be heard. As an ambitious and highly motivated individual, driven to succeed through passion and initiative, I am enthusiastic about entering such a movement.

The first in my family to apply to university, I am determined to prove my commitment and am even re-sitting several AS-level exams to rectify disappointing results. I am currently sending many papers to be re-marked as the current grades in no way reflect my full potential. My teachers’ confidence in me is shown in their decision for me to sit a Business A-level a year early. My conscientious and proactive attitude has also been demonstrated through careful arrangement of work experience. For instance, testing my practical organisation as a member of an administration department, a varied daily schedule rigorously exercised my writing and computing abilities. Although independent, I thrived whilst working in their team and cooperated with colleagues to meet targets and share ideas. Personable and approachable, I work face-to-face with customers in my current demanding job as a waitress, whilst also taking on volunteering responsibilities at a charity shop. In order to gain experience of a media workplace, I have secured a placement at FQ magazine and am extremely eager to get started.

Acting as representative of my school in several capacities (including guiding new pupils and forming part of a group selected to work with domestically-challenged youngsters) I possess an inherent positivity and willingness to involve myself. Sitting on both the sixth form committee and M.U.N. team in the past, I put forward innovative ideas and listened to discussions, keeping my opinions flexible. My extracurricular interests include tennis, swimming and running and I combine this with a desire to fundraise; I have ‘Raced for Life’ twice. A lover of fashion, I subscribe to Vogue and appreciate how this iconic magazine became a powerful brand in its own right. Magazine publication is actually a real area of interest for me along with radio broadcasting. Looking forward, I am eager to contribute to the diverse societies your university has to offer, whilst working to build my subject knowledge and practical skills to the highest level. I view your well-regarded degree course as my crucial next step to developing expertise and pursuing a future in the competitive and dynamic industry (or, indeed, institution) that is the Great British media.

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