IT and Business Management Personal Statement

Example IT and Business Management Personal Statement

Developments in IT quickly become part of the fabric of modern businesses without which they could not function. Virtualisation software, for instance, is now an essential part of many businesses and Cloud Computing seems to be going the same way. The fundamental importance of IT for business was impressed upon me when I studied Business Information Technology. Through my study, I found I had a talent for utilizing software for business purposes and I consequently decided that I wish to become a business IT consultant at an international computing firm. The combination of technical and professional training in the IT and Business Management degree would offer me the ideal preparation for my chosen career.

My Diploma in Business IT at Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore has already given me a strong grounding in IT and business. From my challenging and rewarding study, I gained an in-depth understanding of many essential software packages, including Macromedia’s Fireworks and Dreamweaver, which have improved my web design skills immeasurably, and SAP, an essential enterprise resource package. I greatly look forward to furthering my knowledge of these packages in the web design and enterprise resource planning modules of the degree. I also excelled in the business courses, receiving excellent grades in essential aspects of business from accounting to organizational behavior and marketing.

As part of the diploma, I was gifted the opportunity to participate in a prestigious four-month internship at IBM, where I shadowed a senior hardware engineer. I was tasked with performing onsite hardware installations, responding to clients’ demands and needs to ensure they received exactly what they wanted. This invaluable experience taught me how important it is to tailor a product to the client’s needs and gave me a practical taste of the various roles I shall fill when I enter on my career.

Earlier, I had received a rather different taste of working life when I did national service in the Singapore Armed Forces. Though not directly relevant to my chosen profession, army life taught me invaluable lessons and impressed upon me the importance of a team-ethic, hard work and most important of all discipline. My discipline has improved immeasurably as a result of the army and consequently I am able to manage my time efficiently and prioritise my activities perfectly. After taking part in covert operations day and night in all weathers, I am also fazed by nothing and feel prepared for whatever challenges the degree or my career may hold. I would like to continue my relations with the army at university, where I hope to join the university army cadets.

Outside the classroom and the workplace, I have developed strong leadership and communication skills in the Scouts and National Police Cadet Corps, where I was elected to be chairman for many important events, such as the passing-out ceremony for seniors. I strengthened my leadership skills further by heading the welfare club at university. I was responsible for organizing all events for incoming students. As a result of giving speeches describing the facilities at university to new undergraduates on many occasions, I have become a confident public speaker. I hope to use these skills in a similar capacity when I enter university in the UK, as either a university representative or as a volunteer in the counseling department. My experience of juggling academic work with many extra-curricular commitments has taught me how to balance my working life and social life so I should be able to manage a number of commitments on top of my classroom work.

Through my volunteering work and time in the military, I have learned that ethical qualities are as essential to success as academic qualifications and knowledge. So I hope that, by volunteering for various societies, I shall leave university, not only academically qualified and ready for my career, but ethically prepared for the challenges of modern business.

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