International Relations Personal Statement

Example International Relations Personal Statement

Strong academic achievements, personal skills and desire to establish myself as an active participant in national and global communications, are aspects which I believe make me a strong candidate to study International Relations. I seek to critically engage in international relations core subjects including; politics, law, economics, environmental issues, development and human rights, building a strong career base in international development.

As an ambitious international student, I am currently studying a Foundation degree at Kings College, London. I am on course to achieve exceptional grades in subjects including Communication and Study Skills, Data Handling, Human Geography, Politics and Economics. This foundation degree gives me a firm grounding to progress on to higher education having successfully completed English taught classes. I wish to develop my knowledge, experience and evaluative skills in these areas which are applicable to my future career in development projects.

Living and studying Business in Japan for a year, I have gained a range of skills useful for university and working life. Independence, organisation and communications are essential for success in this fast paced, business focused and formal culture. This contrasts to the ongoing conflicts and problems between nations, most recently, the North Korean changes after their communist leader died. International Relations will provide concepts and methods to manage, develop and advance international links.

Fluent in three languages, Korean, English and Japanese, allows me to converse effectively with international students, evaluate a broad range of global publications and consider peer insights. Studying International Relations in the UK provides the opportunity to fully embrace these skills, while gaining further education for managing country relations.

Work experience as a sales advisor in a busy international airport store, developed a range of interpersonal skills. I was responsible for assisting foreign tourists locate items, while providing excellent customer service. This highlighted the importance of building rapport and understanding needs of people. My English and Japanese language skills were greatly advanced, allowing me to effectively assist a diverse range of customers with ease.

Volunteering for a local Catholic church during the busy festive period enhanced my desire to assist those with limited opportunities and fortune, looking for ways to bridge the gap between the poor and wealthy. Tasks included presenting information, guiding people and assisting in food preparation, which developed my organisation and team work skills. Participating in charitable causes allows me to understand and develop new initiatives to promote welfare, appreciation and sense of community.

Elected Class Captain for two years, I was responsible for organising class activities, for example student conferences for the entire class to be involved in. I learned time management skills, leadership tactics and people skills. Leadership involved initiative, listening and patience, all essential skills for group success. I was also a member of the Media and Broadcast club, where presentation skills were regularly used. Effective research activities, such as reading local and national publications about chosen subjects allowed me to be knowledgeable, form strong arguments and gain respect.

Throughout my education, work experience and personal experiences, I have developed a broad sense of perspective of the world, which I wish to develop further at higher education. Committed, hardworking and positive approach to new challenges, are personal traits which I believe will help me succeed in International Relations.

Future career goals include gaining work experience in a structured internship course within a well respected organisation. I wish to develop my university and work experience by contributing to global organisations such as the United Nations or UNICEF.

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