ICT Personal Statement

Sample ICT Personal Statement

My enthusiasm for ICT originated early in my life. I have long enjoyed exploring the possibilities of the computer and, largely self-taught, I have developed a considerable skill in programming and designing new and original ways to complete difficult tasks and projects which are relevant to everyday life. When it came to High School, my mother would attempt to block sites in order to prevent me from being distracted from my school work, but I was always able to find a way round her actions. I am certain now that my future career lies in IT, and its application in modern business is an area of study which is full of interest and opportunities for using my natural talents. I can clearly understand the way that ICT has transformed business practices, both in the running of firms and in the way people shop. Every company needs its IT experts to oversee its stock control, its accounting and its staff records. It is at the heart of banking and finance, high-tech industries and e-commerce retailing, and there are endless opportunities for talented and well trained software engineers to develop new, faster and more flexible ways of doing business or producing goods for sale. Its role in the office team’s work is also vital in the way it allows people across the globe to work as if they are in the same room. I am keen to learn more about such areas as business database management, enterprise computer systems, business communication methods and the like. This sort of work offers an exciting prospect for me, full of the appeal of being able to spend my working life doing what I most enjoy, in a subject area for which I believe I have a true aptitude.

My work experience has given me a taste of the real world of work and adult responsibility. I spent some time at an import/export firm, where I was able to use my skills to assist with web design and research in connection with an agricultural project in India. My particular interest in the design of web graphics and animation found some expression in a placement as an art technician, where I assisted the full-time technician in arranging the art room and scanning and editing documents on the computer, and I helped the art teacher during lessons. Another supervisory and supporting role I have performed was as a teaching assistant in a reception class. Even my work in catering has taught me a good deal about responsibility and meeting the demands of customers, and I feel that all of my work placements have helped me to gain maturity and to understand the demands of the adult world.

Outside my interest in ICT I have many other pursuits. I swim regularly, and I have completed the bronze D of E award. I enjoy music and in my earlier life in Dubai I performed on stage several times as a singer. I am also a keen photographer. My language skills are well developed; I have fluent English, good Gujarati and Spanish and some Arabic, which I believe is a great asset in an increasingly international world.

I keep abreast of developments in my field by following stories in the media and online. Above all, I enjoy ICT because it gives me the opportunity and the material with which to be creative and to develop my own ideas, and I would hope that my future career could allow me to use my skills in design and animation in the business environment. I am imaginative and inventive, and I like to think that I am extremely open-minded, ready to consider any new idea and explore its possibilities. My powers of concentration are good; I am easily able to set my mind to any task I am set, and never lack the motivation or energy to complete it satisfactorily. I very much enjoy working as part of a team, and people find me easy to get along with, companionable and reliable. I am totally committed to my ambition, and believe I have the qualities and the talents to become a very successful undergraduate.

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