History Personal Statement

Sample History Personal Statement

I find history captivating and know that a history degree will offer me diversity and depth of study. I am particularly attracted by the way it actively encourages me to be analytical. My aim is to use the skills that I will attain from my history degree to take a conversion course and to read Law in order to achieve a career as a barrister in the future. I feel that the techniques learnt within History, including my ability to analyse would directly benefit my journey along this career path. The skill of analysing multiple opinions has improved my transferable skills particularly, ranging from questioning to writing thoughtfully and with understanding. The study of History has also inevitably developed my writing skills, enabling me to reach intelligent and convincing conclusions.

Within History, I am particularly interested in studying the emergence of super powers. I thrive on reading about Marxism, Fascism and Totalitarianism. Hence, my extended project ‘Opposed view to Totalitarianism; How Stalin can be described as a great leader.’ I am intrigued by the brainwashing and manipulation of a nation and how this was caused. I have also found Ian Kershaw’s research with regards to Hitler and his leadership of the Third Reich to be of great interest to me and have gained much insight from it. I am intrigued by the stories of holocaust prisoners and survivors from concentration camps during the holocaust. Having had the opportunity to research and study this thoroughly has brought history into sharp focus for me. I am hoping to visit Auschwitz to further my knowledge of this cruel time and to understand the causes behind it.

In comparison to other disciplines, history offers me freedom of expression and an opportunity to find my own opinion based on the facts presented. The boundaries are reduced to appropriate evidence being available and this evidence is constantly changing or increasing in quantity. My experiences of history throughout School have taught me to challenge any existing historical interpretations that exist and forced me to ask new questions to explore the topic further to generate my own, personal conclusion. I can effectively engage in any historical debate and identify key issues within one person’s interpretation. I also feel that my knowledge of the different ways that historians can approach history has given me the confidence to detect the strengths and weaknesses of an historian’s argument and to find my own.

I am a very involved student and I love sport. I have been Athletics Captain at school, which involves running the team and organising their schedule, training and events. I am also on the Lacrosse, Netball and Rifle teams all of which complete my busy, personal schedule and demonstrate how I like to be involved in student life as well as being active and self-disciplined. ?In addition to this, I am also a committed member of the Debating society, which improves my competence in History as I am able to understand argument. Debating gives me the opportunity to reason and practice how to articulate my point of view in a concise and convincing manner.

I am a conscientious, sensitive and committed student and am confident that I have the qualities to succeed at University. I will endeavor to approach my studies in History with enthusiasm and would welcome the challenge of a demanding degree course, and the opportunity to contribute to University life. The study of History at school has meant that I have gained a number of relevant skills including the ability to communicate my ideas clearly. In addition, I have acquired the ability to create an argument, to analyse texts and to evaluate sources. I believe that History enables us to look forward with hindsight so that mistakes are not repeated. This is what makes History the subject, which I feel will be excellent to study at University as well as being a good foundation for a career in Law.

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