History of Art Personal Statement

Sample History of Art Personal Statement

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about art. It is easy to look at a work of art and make a quick judgement about its general appeal, but it takes a more inquisitive mind to appreciate the methods behind artwork, the intentions of the artists and the thousands of years of rich and vibrant history art has to offer us. I have studied art and history of art for several years and I feel that my passion is only ever enthused, and my thirst for knowledge is never satiated. I find myself compelled to find out more about the underlying meanings within sculpture, architecture, artwork etc, and I am always eager to find the story which completes the message. Although I have been feeding my love of art for my entire life, my main desire is to learn and discover more about the subject.

I feel that studying this course will provide me with all of the knowledge and opportunities I will need to become an expert in this subject. I am particularly interested in the development of abstract and conceptual art during the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and this course will allow me to build on my already-extensive knowledge of this topic. I am devoted to this study, and I therefore feel I am an ideal candidate for the course. My determination to do well, coupled with my genuine interest in the subject matter, make me a model student who will hopefully represent the University proudly and successfully. In the past I have been elected as a representative of my year group by my peers, and I hope to involve myself in the University community in a similar fashion.

My academic record is well above average. In 2010 I sat 9 GCSE’s and received high grades. My A levels compromised of History of Art and Art, and I achieved B’s in both of these subjects. Alongside my education I have participated in many extra-curricular activates and hobbies. I have learnt the clarinet to grade three and gained an advanced certificate from the English Speaking Board. I have also gained Bronze and Silver in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and I am currently on track to achieve Gold.

A high amount of my extra-curricular experiences have centred on my love for Art. During Sixth Form I was a member of the History of Art Society which allowed me to attend lectures covering different periods of art and get involved with debates on the topic. On occasion I was chosen to represent the society in debates, because of my passionate views and in-depth knowledge. I am fortunate enough to have grown up in several countries, and therefore have experienced a rich heritage of art. In my spare time I have visited art galleries across the world, including the Tokyo Modern Art Gallery, New York galleries such as the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art and an exhibit of Middle Eastern art in the UAE. I also frequent London galleries whenever possible, including smaller exhibits of experimental art from students and local individuals.

My work experience has once again focused on my love of art. I was inspired by my placement at an architect’s office in Liverpool where I had the opportunity to visit construction sites and witness the collaborative work of the architects’ designs. I have spent time volunteering at the ‘Mostyn’ gallery in Llanudno, where I became fully immersed in the exciting processes that precede the launch of new exhibitions. My experience has also had an international component: recently I travelled to India to volunteer at an art gallery in Keralan city of Trivandrum. Next year I will be spending time working at the ‘Manarat’ museum in Abu Dhabi. I believe that these experiences will increase my understanding of art, the history of art and the practical application of this knowledge.

I am yet to make a firm decision regarding my future, but the one thing I am certain of is that it revolves around Art. Although undecided on a defined career path I am confident that this course will furnish me with all of the necessary knowledge and skills to embark on an enjoyable and exciting future profession.

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