Healthcare Foundation Personal Statement

Sample Healthcare Foundation Personal Statement

Compassion, determination and commitment are qualities I believe will make me succeed in the Health Care Foundation Degree (FD), in order to become a fully qualified physiotherapist. The Health Care FD will support my passion for health care and equip me with the core skills required to establish my career route as a physiotherapist. From sports related injuries to age related illnesses, I wish to develop my health knowledge and experience to assist people lead an improved lifestyle.

I am currently undertaking a gap year to attain a range of health care work experiences. Working in a variety of health care settings, I am able to gain a broad perspective of roles within health infrastructure. Understanding the health care patients receive before and after trauma has significantly maximised my potential to be an effective physiotherapist.

These experiences have given me the opportunity to work with a range of patients, stresses and illnesses. I have developed a range of interpersonal skills, including listening, taking control and offering assistance with compassion. Being an active observer, I understand that health care requires a high level of communication and team work to operate smoothly, successfully and professionally. It is also important to be reliable, honest and trustworthy with patients, colleagues and myself to progress to a higher level. The FD will introduce me to alternative health services and responsibilities.

Practicality, resourcefulness and caring are qualities I have developed over the course of my volunteer and work experiences. I understand that being proactive and able to problem solve problems are essential to the wellbeing of others in vulnerable positions. I wish to further understand methods and techniques to handle mental and physical stresses associated with the person’s health and wellbeing pre- and post-trauma. Health care placements are an ideal opportunity to have structured learning environments, with real patients.

The Health Care FD will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to progress in to physiotherapy. I have undertaken independent research in the field of physiotherapy, reading peer reviewed journals, magazines and news articles. Keeping up with the latest developments in medicine and healing methods is essential before and after the course, and regularly once qualified. The FD will provide further insight in to healthcare, anatomy, physiology, biology and other skills required to be a confident, qualified and pro-active carer.

Participating in a range of physical activities is important for my personal wellbeing, allowing me to relax and manage challenges effectively. Regular exercise such as running and swimming, allows me to fully understand and appreciate the effects of physical activity on the body, therefore having empathy for new patients. Sports such as hockey and tennis, build on my teamwork skills, where I have also organised social activities and friendly tournaments.

The Foundation Degree in Health Care will provide the essential skills and knowledge base to embark on a degree in Physiotherapy. The foundation degree will allow me to experience clinical placements with real responsibility, where I am accountable for my actions. This is an important aspect of becoming respected within the healthcare profession. Working with like minded peers will allow me to engage in constructive discussions regarding the healthcare industry, patients and processes.

Hard work, determination, commitment and passion for helping others are strong qualities which I believe will make me successful in the health care profession. I am looking to be fully aware of the psychological, cultural and social factors influencing clients and ways to improve independence and function. With my interest in the neurology, orthopaedics, psychology and promoting the health and wellbeing of others, I believe the Health Care Foundation Degree is the next step in my career goals as a Chartered physiotherapist.

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