Healthcare Co-ordinator Personal Statement

Example Healthcare Co-ordinator Personal Statement

The role of Dementia Service Coordinator offers the very first point of contact to immediate carers, friends, families and professionals within Older Peoples Mental Health Services. Consequently, the role demands the utmost sensitivity, responsiveness and individualised care as well as a constant and strong commitment with Service Users and Carers.

I would now like to illustrate how my personals skills, attributes and professional career development allows me to confidently assert that I would be the ideal candidate for this role.

In June of this year, I completed the ‘Access to Health Professions’ course. My average grades all reached distinction level and I completed a 5000 word extended project on, ‘An Investigation into what is meant by ”patient-centred care” and how far it will be implemented in the proposed 2013 NHS reforms.‘ I am always willing to gladly take on any further courses/qualifications as I am an individual that constantly strives to improve not only myself but my professional environment. I also hold an NVQ Level 3 Business Administration and Fire Training, food hygiene, violence and aggression in the workplace, manual handling training passport, First Aid at Work and equality awareness training. I am fully committed to maximising quality of care and believe I possess the necessary enthusiasm, organisation, sensitivity and initiation required by the demanding challenges of this role and feel that my constant professional development and desire to improve and learn is illustrated by the above achievements.

My current role sees me working as a Healthcare Support Worker and from 2009 this was Community based. I enjoy working autonomously and within a team to ensure responsibility for care planning and implementation based on the accurate assessments of the complex needs of the client. My position provides a pivotal role within the Continuing Care Adult Services team and I am well versed at providing care for adults in both home and group environments. The role requires a great deal of flexibility but it similarly requires punctuality and an efficient manner of time-keeping in order to ensure all important tasks are completed. My role also sees me liaising with other statutory and voluntary agencies in order to ensure that the highest level of care and service is both received and, most importantly, maintained for the patients and their carers.

My job sees me involved with many kinds of mental health issues but it is when I am working with older individuals that I most feel enthusiastic and rewarded. This is because, in my opinion, the requirements of dementia patients are particularly specific and require a more considered approach. I think this is mainly due to the fact that precious few forms of dementia are curable and the illness will become progressively worse. Dementia is often most visibly distressing for the carer and it is the delicate balance between caring for the patient and for the carer which I feel most suits my personal skills. Having had my own personal experience of dementia with my grandparents and undertaking the role of the carer, I myself understand the tact and sensitivity required when interacting with both parties.

Dementia is all-encompassing and impacts on individual’s psychological, physical and social world and I have had experience both professionally and personally in managing these issues and I look to now progress my career in a role that is especially dedicated to an issue I am most passionate about.

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