Geography and Economics Personal Statement

Example Geography and Economics Personal Statement

I have a passion for economic, social and environmental processes and problems within geographical dimensions. Strong academic background and high motivation to succeed are qualities which I believe make me an ideal candidate for this course.

I am currently on course to pass Geography, Economics, Math and Psychology to an excellent level. I believe these are strong foundations to embark on a course which encompasses these elements.

I have a keen interest in learning about human welfare, environmental quality, political and economic forces which shape development and social change in our interdependent global community. The complementary fields of geography, economics and psychology help me better understand the world we live in, and the future that lies ahead.

I wish to further my knowledge and understanding of the uneven nature of economic and social development, and the varying characteristics of people’s lives in different locations. I understand this course will provide theories, methods and skills in economics, geographical information and social sciences. Developing analytical and communication skills within the academic environment, I hope to pursue a career where I am able to make a real difference to the future of our world.

I enjoy working with others, providing advice and teaching new skills. I have achieved a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award as a qualified equestrian helper. This involved pre-lesson assistance, guidance to new learners and teamwork. I learned the importance of organisational skills to ensure correct equipment and horses were ready in time. I also developed greater interpersonal and teamwork skills in respect of teaching and understanding of others. These are important skills which I believe I can apply to managing independent and group projects.

As a hard working, reliable, sociable and ambitious person, I am ready to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with likeminded peers, and to learn from others. I wish to further my knowledge and experience to its limits to enable me to actively participate in the future landscape around me.

In my free time I enjoy riding at local stables. Riding a horse requires careful attention and management of the human body, the horse and the riding terrain. Participating in challenges to achieve best times brings out my ambitious nature to succeed in all areas of life.

As an assistant at the local equestrian centre, I am responsible for ensuring stables are regularly cleared and assisting with beginner riding lessons. This has taught me skills in dealing with various people with different expectations and concerns.

I have also undertaken work experience for the Post Office. I was given numerous responsibilities including delivering rounds to houses and businesses. This required organisation, punctuality and efficiency which can be applied to university and the workplace. I was also given responsibility for parcel collections from customers. Effective communication skills played an important role for dealing with difficult situations.

I have a strong passion for geography, economics and the environment. Taking this forward, I have organised work experience at City Hall this summer. I will be involved in environmental, social and community projects, senior meetings and delivering specific tasks to deadlines. I will also be shadowing work profiles within a large business, Ernst & Young London. Here I hope to gain an understanding of various business areas such as audit, VAT and tax. I expect this work experience to provide knowledge and skills which I can apply to university, and provide a base for academic work to be based upon.

I hope to further my knowledge of geography, economics and complementary fields of study. I have a strong interest in the economic field on a global level. A professional recognised qualification will open my career prospects to large, influential organisations where I hope to make a marked difference to our world.

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