Genomic Medicine Personal Statement

Example Genomic Medicine Personal Statement

Having worked hard to gain a background in both laboratory and statistical analysis of infectious disease, I am excited by the prospect of applying this knowledge to an extended study of the role genetics. As a native of Saudi Arabia, a cultural and religious destination for people from a range of genetic backgrounds, I am aware of the importance of understanding the way in which this interaction can influence the spread of disease. During certain religious holidays Saudi Arabia faces an influx of people, which can often lead to the spread of diseases, such as meningitis, tuberculosis and other pulmonary and respiratory infections, which are then spread to other countries as people return to their homes. My proposal is to utilise this unique, temporary population surge to research variation in pathological response with respect to genetic variation.

Work that has already been done in this field has centred mainly on the importance of heterogeneity among population and studying new strains of disease. In addition to this, I believe it is important that we develop statistical tools which track genetic alteration and mutation of infectious agent strains to identify the mechanism of virus and bacteria evolution, then factor in both environmental variables and the variation between populations in pathological response and routes of disease transition. This nuanced modelling will add to both the effectiveness of vaccination procedures and other protection procedures.

In order to effectively carry out this research, I have focused my previous studies on gaining the necessary skill and knowledge. I began with a Bachelor’s degree in Laboratory Medicine, which honed practical skills and my knowledge of diagnostics. While my graduation project inspired my passion for medical research, it was really during my internship year that my interest in genome science began. Working at Al-Hada Armed Forces Hospital, I undertook a range of research, gaining an Award for Achievement of Excellence. I was also asked to train prospective internship students in molecular genetic diagnostic methods and their application in stalling the spread of disease, which demonstrated the vast potential of gaining knowledge of this field for improving, and saving, lives.

While I was unable to immediately secure an employment position which built on this burgeoning interest, my role as a demonstrator of medical statistics at Al-Baha University allowed me to supplement my existing knowledge with an in depth exploration of this central pillar of genomic research. I was also awarded a scholarship to undertake postgraduate study abroad, which led to me undertaking a Master’s course in Medical Statistics at Oxford Brookes, where I studied survival analysis, meta-analysis, modelling data and the application of statistics in research and epidemiology.

Having gained a thorough understanding of medical research, both practical and statistical, I am excited by the prospect of combining this previous knowledge with the skills and experience I could gain through studying at a global centre for excellence in genomic medicine and statistics. As a dedicated, ambitious student with a strong track record of working hard to acquire necessary skills and of teaching those skills to others, I have proven that I have the drive and ability to make a real contribution to academic understanding and the practical application of genomic medicine and statistics in the fight against infectious disease.

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