French Personal Statement

Sample French Personal Statement

My love of French has its roots in the exchange I did with a French girl in year 10. I found it immensely satisfying to find that my classroom French could really allow me to communicate in a foreign country, and the immersion in a culture quite different from my own was a revelation and full of interest. I am keen to develop my control of the language so that I can communicate more competently with the friends I made in the exchange and enter more fully into French life and customs. I believe that a knowledge of languages is an essential skill in an increasingly international world, for social reasons, for the world of work and for a better understanding of people whose backgrounds are so different from our own. Work experience has also shown me the importance of my language skills. During a placement with Credit Suisse it soon became apparent that with even my limited French I was already seen as a valuable asset, and I can foresee a possible career in an international organisation of this sort. Behind it all is a French teacher who is passionate about her subject and she has been an inspiration and a source of encouragement in all my plans. She introduced me to French literature and set me thinking about the possibilities of the subject, and I am deeply grateful to her for filling me with ideas and ambition.

I am a focused and determined student, very careful in my approach to my studies and meticulous in matters of detail. I have undertaken a number of work experience placements which have given me a sense of the real world of work and developed my career ideas. I worked at Kew Gardens in the Jodrell Laboratory, assisting scientists with their investigations into the medicinal uses of plants, which taught me much about the need to be absolutely accurate. At another placement at Kew I also gained administrative experience with data processing and necessary form filling. Clear communication was an essential too, and safety, particularly with dangerous chemicals, was paramount. It was my work at Credit Suisse that opened my eyes to the career value of good French, where I found I was able to make a real contribution to things in the Equities and Trading Floor departments. The bank has offered me further work experience and this has led me to consider the value of studying business management with my French. In this world accurate communication is the first requirement. I found that colleagues were relying on the accuracy of my messages and that important actions and processes depended on me getting it right if the bank’s work was not to be compromised. It was an excellent lesson in the key role of language skills.

I work as a volunteer for the Kingston Carers’ network, an organisation which helps children who are carers for their parents or siblings. Some of these children are deeply disturbed by the burdens that have been imposed on them and the organisation seeks to bring them fun activities, holidays and friendship. It is here that I have found a strong relevance for my reading of such works as L’tranger and Boule de Suif , which deal with feelings of alienation – a major problem with the children I work with, deprived as they are of a normal childhood and unable to relate easily to the rest of the world.

As well as reading French literature I enjoy French cinema, and works such as Au Revoir Les Enfants, Amlie and Les Choristes have shown me the French character and way of thinking as well as testing my understanding of the spoken language at its proper pace. I also have some basic Italian. In addition to my interest in languages I play the piano and have reached grade 5 in ballet.

I am a considerate and dependable individual, respected by my friends for my maturity of attitude and my willingness to take responsibility for my actions. I am hard-working and determined, and I am very eager to succeed. My commitment to my subject is total, and I hope you will consider my application.

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