Forensic Science Personal Statement

Sample Forensic Science Personal Statement

While the recent prevalence of Forensic Science in popular culture, through shows such as the CSI franchise and Waking The Dead, may have added an aura of glamour to the profession, it is important not to lose sight of the intricate and essential work. I am sure that I am not alone in having grown up fascinated by tales of crime and intrigue, and inspired by the thought of finding solutions, but I am equally sure that it is my passion for the biological sciences, my fascination with the workings of both the human body and psyche, and the potential that Forensic Science holds for alleviating the suffering of victims and their families that continues will continues to drive me.

I have always excelled in biology and have been fascinated by discovering more and more about the natural world as my studies have progressed. My enjoyment of the subject has led to me gaining 100% in all biology practicals, showing that I have the skill and inclination to perform detailed anatomical studies in pursuit of understanding. I am also particularly interested in the way in which technology can help our understanding, and have worked hard to keep up to date with developments in Information Technology and how they may impact on the field.

While my burgeoning interests in Forensic Science are built around this genuine thirst for knowledge about human biology, I have also been inspired by a personal employment experience in which I was forced to encounter a unique criminal psychology. During my previous role assisting at a hairdressing salon, in addition to undertaking a range of organisational, communication and teamwork duties, I was also present when a disgruntled customer threatened to steal from, and ultimately burn down, the shop. While this experience was traumatic, for me and for the customers, the fact that I found myself dealing with it in a collected manner inspired my ambition to understand more about the psychology, and well as the hard science, of crime and indicated my ability to deal with such events in a logical and calm fashion. I also found that the communication, administrative and teamwork skills I had gained through previous work experience, with an estate agent, helped me to perform this role to the best of my abilities, as well as helping me to approach this particular, extreme situation in a professional and appropriate manner.

In addition to my interests, knowledge and experience in the field, I have also demonstrated the ability to accept responsibility and provide leadership when appropriate. Throughout my school years, I have held the position of Liturgy Leader, School Prefect, Form Captain and sat on the School Council. This has required excellent teamwork and communication skills to liaise with other students and staff to address any problems that may arise. These qualities, coupled with my abilities as a public speaker, will help me in my chosen career, which will almost certainly involve inter-agency cooperation and potential court appearances.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and have always had a passion for crime literature from a young age, particularly the Hardy Boys novels. I am also a keen sportsman and have captained my school football, taking responsibility for both organising and leading the players.

By combining my interest in biology with my intellectual curiosity, my teamwork abilities and my desire to make a positive impact on the society in which I live, Forensic Science offers the best possible route through which I can fulfil my potential to keep on learning and developing throughout undergraduate and into my career beyond.

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