Food Technology Personal Statement

Sample Food Technology Personal Statement

As the constant rise of cookery shows on television, food blogs and the seemingly endless cookery books that are published attest, human beings are justifiably obsessed with food. No wonder, since eating, and by extension cooking, are amongst the very few activities that we all must engage in daily. This shared obsession has been the catalyst for my continuing study and work within related fields, turning the physical drive to consume into an intellectual passion that drives me to understand every aspect of humanity’s biological, cultural and social relationships to food and to, ultimately, help others to be equally as inspired by the food that they eat.

My long held academic goal of studying nutrition unfortunately was not possible to achieve in my native country, despite my consistently strong performance across a range of subjects. Since moving the UK, however, I have found that opportunities to study various aspects of the food and hospitality industry have presented themselves throughout my employment, alerting me to both the potential breadth of my interests and the rewards of working with a customer-focused industry. Alongside specific training, I have also achieved a Level 2 NVQ in Customer Service and a Level 5 Diploma in Hospitality Management during my career.

I am hugely proud of the way in which these courses have improved my knowledge of my industry as well as proving my ability to study in the UK. While I realise that undergraduate study in a second language presents unique challenges, the dedication I have shown to gaining City and Guild qualifications in both Maths and English, as well as undertaking a course in Practical English, show how serious I am about gaining the skills to pursue my academic goals.

As a mother of two, relocating to the UK, these goals have, by necessity, had to be put on hold until now. Luckily, I have managed to turn this necessity into an opportunity by finding employment within the catering and hospitality industries. My eight years as a Catering Assistant with John Lewis have seen me work across a number of departments; gaining experience across all food counters as well as specific training qualifications, such as the Level 2 Barista Award. Obviously, working within food preparation and distribution demands a thorough understanding of the product and I have become well-versed in all aspects, including Health and Safety legislation. My strong performance at John Lewis is built on a dedication to my interests that saw me undertake previous roles within the food and catering industry, allowing me to gain a comprehensive overview of the demands of both ‘front of house’ and ‘behind the scenes’ work within catering.

I have also found that catering offers a perfect outlet for my interpersonal skills. I am adept at building relationships with customers and colleagues and have been asked to accept a mentoring role with John Lewis. This involves supporting fellow staff and creating and delivering ‘communication half hours’ to ensure that the team is aware of, and engaged with, decision making at a higher level. I enjoy the interaction that comes as part of my job immensely and get great satisfaction from knowing that I have supported the staff in delivering the best service to our customers.

I have demonstrated a dedication to improving my knowledge of both the hospitality industry in general, and catering specifically, through over a decade of work and study. Both have been driven by a passion for helping others to realise the potential of the truly pleasurable and essential act of eating. It is this passion that will continue to drive me to gain as much knowledge and experience as I can through further study and that will, ultimately, help me to progress in chosen career.

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