Fine Art Personal Statement

Sample Fine Art Personal Statement

Vincent Van Gogh once said that ‘There is no blue without yellow and without orange”. From a young age I have been fascinated by the concept of colour and, for me, this quotation foregrounds the importance of colour and mixing in art. I am particularly interested in the way in which mixing colour can function as medium for conveying different ideas through artistic matter. Throughout my education I have been preoccupied with the connection between the mixing of colour and the evoking of particular emotions. The prospect of embarking upon a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art excites me as I feel that it would allow me the perfect opportunity to further explore the aspects of Fine Art that interest me most, whilst developing my own personal artistic style.

I have a prolific portfolio of related work experience which has helped me develop my time management skills, whilst confirming my passion for Fine Art. For over two years I worked as a sales assistant and art director in an art based retail environment. Furthermore, in this position I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to organise and supervise the numerous art exhibitions that were offered. This not only gave me the opportunity to exercise and develop my organisational skills, but also gave me a valuable insight into the world of Fine Art. This insight confirmed my passion for the subject and further motivated me in my quest to obtain a degree in Fine Art. This degree is particularly important to me as in the future I hope to be able to combine it with my work experience and start a career as a Curator. I have spent over three years at my most recent job, a Catering Assistant, this demonstrates my excellent work ethic and commitment. This position has also allowed me to improve my English language and communication skills.

I attended High School in 2003 with particularly high marks in both English Language and Fine Art. I have also obtained a GCSE in English conversation. Attending university in a foreign country is particularly important to me as if successful, I would be the first person in my family to study abroad. Furthermore, I feel that my previous experiences in the British education system foreshadow the way in which I am able to adapt to new conditions of study, thus highlighting my versatility.

It is clear that my passion for Fine Art extends beyond the classroom: last summer I took part in numerous competitions offered in London, including the ‘Royal Summer Exhibition’ and the ‘Inspired’ competition offered by the Victoria and Albert Museum. These experiences have been extremely useful as they have taught me the importance of producing work with respect to deadlines, a skill which is invaluable in an undergraduate environment. Entering such competitions has also allowed me to develop my aesthetic eye and experiment with different artistic techniques. I have drawn inspiration from artists such as Naum Gabo, Jackson Pollock and Hazel Brook and I would relish the opportunity to explore their work further.

In addition to achieving a National College of Open Network level three diploma in art and design, I am currently enrolled on a Foundation Degree course. I am intend to finish this in March 2012 and I am predicted to gain a higher degree level mark. Furthermore, my Foundation course has not only allowed me to develop pieces of Fine Art from scratch but also helped me to work in a group and co-operate with my classmates. Regular critique sessions with my peers have highlighted the importance of constructive criticism, whilst honing my editing skills. I thrive on my peer’s feedback and am excited about the opportunity of meeting and interacting with other students that are as passionate about Fine Art as I am.

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