Financial Management Personal Statement

Sample Financial Management Personal Statement

I have an eager interest in the world of commerce and finance and have long intended to pursue a career in business. I believe that careful and bold planning is the key to success in the trading world, and this is why I am very keen to follow an advanced course in business management. At present it is marketing that most interests me, and my long-term plan is to open my own advertising agency as a first step towards a successful and fulfilling business career. I have a strong sense of the role of marketing in enhancing organisational performance, and also of the importance of analysis, planning and control in the marketing process. I am interested in the question of developing positioning strategies, working out the marketing mix for a product or service, and assessing the financial implications and risk of any particular approach. This has been an interest with me for many years, but I am well aware that there is far more to management than this. Indeed it is the versatility of the business world, its range of concerns and its diversity of possible specialisms, that makes it so attractive and interesting. A successful career in this field is an exciting and rewarding prospect.

In an advanced course I would hope to learn about such areas as financial resource management, the ways to analyse and interpret data, and how to construct financial statements and accounting information. I am keen to study the techniques for measuring risk, and the processes of decision-making. There is also the important question of managing human resources in a business, understanding human behaviour, and seeing how management performance can be enhanced or developed through intelligent attitudes to one’s workforce. This becomes increasingly interesting (and challenging) in the international context – understanding how attitudes change in different cultures – both in one’s workforce and among one’s customers – and learning how to respect them and work with them. The increasingly globalised marketplace is likely to make this aspect an essential concern for all businesses.

I have some experience of the commercial world through work placements. I worked for RBS as a business plan adviser, and as a translator. These experiences gave me some idea of how big corporations work, and also showed me that my real talent lies in constructing business plans. I have devised a number of such plans, two of which have been put into practice very successfully. Strategies need to be devised so that one can envisage the next ten steps one’s enterprise will make, and this sort of control is surely the real secret of success.

Outside my business interests I have a number of other pursuits. I enjoy wrestling, and have achieved considerable success in public competitions in the sport. I have been a trainer for a junior wrestling team, which was very informative about the methods needed in dealing with children and working with groups. I have raised money for a hospice in Canterbury by selling goods and taking part in runs.

I keep myself well informed about business matters, following stories in the media. It is clear to me that one of the best ways to learn is to study the practice and achievements of others, and see them as a model. I have several languages, my native Kazakh, and also excellent Russian and English, an asset which is likely to be very valuable in my planned career.

My academic record is good, and evidence that I will make a success of an advanced course. I am hard-working and reliable, and I have much initiative, and a great deal of determination. Indeed, if I decide to do something, I focus on the task with single minded concentration, and can very rarely be deflected from my goal before it is achieved. Novelty always excites and interests me, and I respond energetically and positively to most new ideas. I hope you will consider my application.

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