Finance and Economics Personal Statement

Example Finance and Economics Personal Statement

I have always been fascinated by finance and economics and have harboured ambitions of becoming and accountant from a young age. To me, understanding these systems opens up the possibility of working across a range of industries and cultures, as the same numerically-based principles structure finance and accounting throughout the world. The beauty of this truly international, mathematical system works across all sorts of national corporate cultures and gaining the skill and knowledge to work within it will allow me to do the same.

I have also always shown a propensity to perform well in subjects that have a strong mathematical component. Interested in utilising these skills in a practical context, the study of finance within business seemed like an obvious way to marry my aptitudes with my interests. Having passed my International Pre-University Foundation Program in Business with an impressive score of 79%, I have demonstrated that this approach, combined with my hard work and dedicated attitude to study, can reap rewards. Even more importantly, I also found that I excelled in those modules that were more directly related to finance, such Business Maths and Accounting, suggesting that I could go on to achieve even greater academic heights by focusing on these elements of study.

While I am aware that studying abroad will present unique challenges, I also think that it will allow me to develop professionally in ways that study at home may not be able to do. By interacting with people from others cultures and gaining interpersonal skills in this context, I will be readier to create strong working relationships in a highly globalised business context. Equally, the by honing my English language skills through study, I will have a greater command of a truly international language that will allow me to communicate more effectively across international boundaries. I have already proven my ability to do this to the required level to undertake further study by gaining a 7.0 grade in my IELTS test, but am always keen to carry on improving any skills which will help me to achieve my ultimate professional goals.

Of course, learning about business and finance intellectually is one thing and applying these concepts in real life is quite another. In order to gain a sense of the difference between the academic and professional contexts I have also strived to gain as much work experience as possible in my chosen field. Three separate work experience placements with Cheung and Cheung Public Accountants has offered a broad and comprehensive overview of the field, including undertake office support duties and getting to grips with the accounting software, such as MYOB and SAGE. It also offered an opportunity to gain transferable skills that are relevant in any working environment, such as communicating with colleagues and clients, teamwork and taking independent responsibility for tasks when appropriate.

I have proven myself to be a capable and focused accounting, finance and business administration student who is dedicated to gaining the skills, knowledge and experience needed to make a real impact in the field. My ultimate goal is to become a qualified CPA and to open my own accounting practice and a postgraduate qualification from a prestigious institution that allows me to study these areas in more detail is the next crucial step in achieving this. By bringing this ambition to the table, alongside my previous knowledge and experience, I will work hard to gain as much from the postgraduate experience as possible and to make sure I have the best chance of utilising everything I learn within a professional capacity upon graduation.

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