Finance and Accounting Personal Statement

Example Finance and Accounting Personal Statement

With the global economy coming to the forefront of current affairs now more than ever before, it has never been more apparent that a full understanding of the workings of finance and accounting are essential to anyone wishing to engage with the forces that effect us all. As a Chinese student studying in the UK, I am particularly fascinated by comparison between Western economic troubles and the rapid expansion of the Chinese economy. By studying the field in more depth, I hope to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to play a part in finding ways to make this expansion sustainable.

I have always excelled in studying subjects that truly inspire me. Having moved to the UK to undertake a University Foundation Course at Bell International College, Cambridge, I have also demonstrated that that inspiration will help me to overcome the challenges of studying and living in a different culture. I performed particularly well in related subjects, such as Mathematics and Finance, but am perhaps most proud of the increasing command of the English language that studying here has allowed me to gain. This is proven by my high test IELTS score of 6.5.

While my previous studies have offered an excellent foundation in both studying within the UK system and within the field, I am also aware that it is important to gain a sense of the way in which this knowledge is applied within the real world of business. To this end, I undertook a Summer Internship at the Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Government of Quan Zhou City, China. My main responsibility was to assist my manager in advising and encouraging enterprises to enter the capital markets. This was a unique opportunity to witness first hand the way in which the knowledge I had learned could be applied within the specific Chinese economic context. Having gained this experience, I would be particularly interested to see how the difference between the Chinese and UK economies influences the application of economic thought throughout my studies.

My interests in the relationships between business, finance and economic policy make me an avid consumer of current affairs and news media. I regularly read The Economist and am always interested in gaining an international perspective as possible on developing economic situations. I am particularly interested in the housing and derivatives markets, their relationship to the crash of 2008 and how this has impacted around the world. While China has been partially insulated, I am constantly seeking to understand how the expansion of the housing market there can avoid the pitfalls that have caused such pain in other countries, particularly taking into account the lack of concurrent expansion in other financial services.

My interests in the relationships between cultures and economies have also structured my extra-curricular activities during my time in the UK. As an active member of the Chinese Student and Scholars Association (CSSA) at the University of Bath, I have assisted with a range of IT and web content production, as well as helping out with planning and holding events. This has been a valuable opportunity to hone my teamwork, leadership and time management skills as well as proving to a rewarding way to encourage interaction between my fellow students.

I have proven myself to be an engaged, capable and ambitious student with a flair and passion for the field. It is my hope that, by gaining as much knowledge and experience as possible, I will ultimately be able to translate these qualities into a consultancy position in government or international business. A postgraduate qualification from a prestigious UK institution is the next crucial step in this journey.

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