Finance and Accountancy Personal Statement 2

Finance and Accountancy Personal Statement

I have always had a logical, organised and practical way of thinking, as well as a competitive nature, and I have realised that finance and accounting is the degree that appeals to these characteristics. I noticed these logical subjects to be my forte from a young age. My early interest in accountancy developed from when I became involved in business helping out my father by in the accounts department where I saw what was required on a daily basis and the effect this had on the business and how good book keeping meant a successful business.

My Academic subjects are valuable and relevant for progressing my study further to University, especially with top predicted grades in Chemistry, Physics and Maths, which are all logical subjects that lend themselves to a career in finance. My logical mind is also shown with my talent for languages. I speak fluent Chinese and English and am learning Italian. I am also currently undergoing Italian and British Sign Language classes. During, graduation, I was awarded the EAGLES award, a national award given to students who has excelled in both academia and CCA. This highlights my academic commitment and achievement again showing my suitability to a career in finance after a degree at City University, which requires a high level of discipline.

My voluntary work experience was at a private hospital in India. I shadowed a doctor through his ward rounds, out patients, consultations and surgical operations for a week, I witnessed a hysterectomy and the removal of a tumour from the bladder and much more, which shows that I work well under pressure and am meticulous, observant and organised.

In regards to my personality, I am a good team leader, hardworking and trustworthy. I am able to work within a team or as an individual and am often referred to as being diligent due to my strong work ethic and desire to succeed. I have many transferable skills such as communication, leadership and number skills, which are essential in accounting. Proof of this can be seen from my academic results, work experience and achievements. In college, I was nominated by students and became Student Councilor. My responsibilities included being the assistant In-Charge of the Teacher’s Day Planning Committee. This showed my leadership abilities as I was responsible for leading a committee of 46 student Councilors to plan and execute the event. In my Freshmen Orientation, I was also asked to given the assignment of Kingdom Head. This meant I was the face of the kingdom of 200 freshmen. This again shows my commitment to teamwork and discipline in keeping confidence in myself.

Beyond books and academics, I enjoy the physical discipline and commitment of the arts. I have been attending dance classes regularly. As a result, I have gone from being a novice to being made the Chairperson of my Dance Club as a result of commitment, hard work and teamwork. My dance team received the Gold with Honours award in the Singapore Youth Festival. I was also fortunate to be part of the planning committee for the first Cluster arts Festival in Singapore. I personally led 30 student leaders from the North district to run the event.

I am conscientious and am always working to go beyond minimum requirements in everything. For example, I enjoy reading the financial times and The Economist to further my knowledge. I also see this as beneficial to my academic awareness in finance and accounting. In reading current financial news, I am able to gain insight into the finance of large businesses and gain awareness of their financial transactions and the state of the current economy. I also read books on the subject for example How the City of London Works. This reading enables me to understand how accountancy has a dramatic effect on everyday life and further cements my desire for a career in accountancy. The academic subjects I have chosen to study have given me a perfect foundation for studying finance and accountancy at University and I believe that I am fully prepared.

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