Film and Television Personal Statement

Sample Film and Television Personal Statement

I have always been fascinated by every aspect of film, from the way in which various creative industries interact in the process of production to the way in which they are received by the audience and the impact they can have on cultures, societies and individual lives. Having built a foundation of both theoretical and practical knowledge of the media, film and filmmaking through previous study, I am now aiming to gain more specific knowledge that will allow me to play a vital and exciting role in a young, yet burgeoning, film industry.

I have always been an imaginative and creative individual who has enjoyed taking part in all of forms of art and media. A keen amateur dramatist and writer from a young age, I could often be found making short films or constructing plays with my friends and family, as well as taking on roles in school productions. As my subsequent studies have confirmed, film offers an opportunity to translate this desire to communicate through story, visual arts and drama in a single medium, explaining my dedication and passion for film from my childhood to the present day.

Keen to turn this passion into a career, I chose to pursue an undergraduate degree in Media and Creative Industries, in order to gain a thorough overview of theory and practice in all forms of media. While I focused heavily on taking as many practical, filmmaking modules as possible, and completed many projects, I am still convinced that the broader, multimedia approach of the course has shaped me into a more rounded creative talent. Nevertheless, film is the medium that inspired me most and I have taken every opportunity to gain more practical experience by undertaking a 4 week directing course with the Met Film School, London; which has offered an outlet to explore more aspects of practical filmmaking.

My experiences of filmmaking throughout these courses have also led to me becoming involved, on an amateur level, with projects for friends and fellow students. I have undertaken a range of production roles, which has allowed me to gain experience of working as a Co-Producer and Assistant Director and using various shooting and editing equipment. My natural flair for organisation, remaining calm under strict deadlines and communicating well with other members of my team suggests that I am well suited to these sort of roles and I would be keen to explore these as possible future career options.

I am fascinated by film’s potential to communicate complex ideas to an audience and, as a consequence, have also worked to ensure that I thoroughly understand communication on a broader level. Undertaking placements with DDB Advertising and working within fashion marketing and design (including website design), I have also been lucky enough to demonstrate my creative approach to communication across mediums. I believe that this has made me a stronger filmmaker as I have gained a greater understanding of film’s relationship with these other media, the ways in which they are similar and the ways in which they are different.

I firmly believe that a strong film industry would have the potential to address social issues. By exploring all aspects of filmmaking, alongside study and work across other media, I have laid a foundation for a long, and hopefully meaningful, creative career within this powerful medium. Gaining the skills and experience necessary to translate this potential into action, through postgraduate study on a prestigious course, is the next vital step in allowing me to achieve my ultimate goal of making a contribution to a growing industry at a hugely exciting point in its development.

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