Fashion Retail Management Foundation Personal Statement

Example Fashion Retail Management Foundation Personal Statement

A passion for fashion, capturing creativity and my diligent nature are qualities which I believe make me an ideal candidate for the Foundation Degree in Fashion Retail Management.

I believe I have strong the foundations required for undertaking a Foundation Degree in Fashion Retail Management. I have always had a passion for fine art, design and interior decoration, which I have cultivated throughout my education. Completing a Fashion Diploma in Art and Design at Chelsea College of Art and Design, and gaining an abundance of work experience within the fashion industry, I have a great insight into creative and commercial aspects of the fashion retail industry.

I understand the course covers theoretical and practical approaches needed for a career in fashion retail management. I would like to further my business acumen, understand retail trends, management styles, merchandising, IT and communications knowledge. I also hope to apply my research and analytical skills to written reports, case studies, essays, presentation and integrated projects. As well as this, I would like to share my enthusiasm and experience with others on this course, and take inspiration from experienced and aspiring fashion stylists.

I enjoy meeting new people, working in a team and taking leadership roles. During sixth form, I was elected Art Ambassador, reflecting my keen interest in art and creative ability. I was responsible for advising young artists within the school and attending key events relating to the school and art projects. This helped me develop strong interpersonal and time management skills, which are important assets for projects within the university environment.

In my free time, I design fashion accessories and garments, where I take influence from past and current trends, remoulding them and creating something new, which I hope to sell in the future. I am also constantly researching the dynamic and fast moving fashion industry by reading articles and fashion books. This helps me stay on top of the latest trends, movements and styles within the fashion industry.

During my gap year, I have been proactive in attaining a large amount of commercial experience, building my fashion portfolio and gaining recognition. I have undertaken work experience with Vanessa Jones PR agency, completed an internship with the well-known Karl Plewka and have been an assistant to a fashion photographer. I have recently had an editorial accepted to be published in Noir Magazine on 4th July 2011. As well as this, I currently have other editorials awaiting publication, and am collaborating with other professionals in the field to build my resume and key contacts.

I have had the opportunity to work within various departments of the fashion industry, from hair and make-up, styling models, creating sets, auditions and castings, editorials and administration. These roles require excellent organisation, administration and thorough research to ensure projects are executed on time. I have become highly skilled at communicating with people and working within a pressured environment. I have gained valuable skills and knowledge which I can apply to my university studies and future working life in the fashion industry.

My current role as a stock market trader has developed my negotiation, diplomacy and analytical skills. I have also been offered a sales and marketing position this summer, where I can utilise and develop these skills further.

I am ready to share my experience and knowledge with likeminded peers at university. I am highly enthusiastic about fashion and business and am keen learn the skills necessary to be successful in this competitive industry.

I believe the Foundation in Fashion Retail Management will bridge the gap between my current knowledge and experience, and open up my career prospects to well-known fashion retail brands.

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