Fashion Design Personal Statement

Sample Fashion Design Personal Statement

It took me some considerable time to come to understand that fashion and design are, for me, much more than a hobby or pastime, and that they are central to my life and my identity. I was the sort of little girl who was always making dresses for my dolls, and I particularly remember when I was 10 being inspired by the Disney Cinderella film to attempt to recreate the dress made for her by the mice. In Iran I went though the conventional academic education process and was very successful, even qualifying to study medicine, the most challenging academic discipline to enter, but even as I was waiting to begin the degree I devoted the whole of my free time to following an intensive course in pattern design, from which I gained a nationally recognised certificate. I tried to combine my medical studies with short courses and private classes in fashion design and drawing, often spending time which should have been devoted to my medical studies in designing dresses. It was clear to me that this was a compulsive interest which should form the centre of my life and career, and since then I have been working in the fashion industry, partly as my own boss and later in the major fashion house Burberry. I have come to realise that my core interest is in design and pattern cutting rather than in sewing and tailoring, and I should like to specialise in bridal wear pattern cutting and run my own business again. But I do understand that I need to gain some higher education qualifications to make progress in the competitive fashion world, and I should like to follow the foundation course with a BA degree and then a Master’s.

I began my productive career in the late 90s making pieces for friends and family members and by 2002 I was ready to hold my first fashion show. This led to the establishment of a very successful made-to-measure business making evening wear, engagement and bridal wear. I loved the creative work, but I also learnt much about retail business and management, running the day-to-day administration and accounting and consulting with customers to establish what precisely they wanted, as well as cutting the patterns and fabrics. The business had to close in 2006 when I moved to the UK, but I still miss the whole experience. In 2007 I joined the fashion brand Burberry as a sales assistant, but my knowledge of the industry, my reliability and self-discipline and my experience of managing a small team soon won me promotion to the position of assistant manager, where I lead a team of up to twelve colleagues, guiding and encouraging them, as well as responding to the demands of senior management. I very much enjoy this retail side of the business, but my heart is still with design and creation, which led me to take a short course in bridal wear at the London College of Fashion last year. I was proud that a photograph of the dress I created featured on the LCF website.

I am bilingual, with Iranian as my mother tongue and fluent English, sufficient for me to work as a private tutor in English in Iran in the 90s. I strongly believe that languages are a great asset in an international industry such as fashion. I keep abreast of developments in the industry by reading fashion magazines, particularly those showing bridal wear, and I attend as many shows as possible. I enjoy visiting grand houses and museums to find inspiration for luxury design, and it is in this area that I should like my future career to develop.

I am returning to the academic world as a mature student with a very clear idea of what I want and why. My experience in the workplace has taught me how to work with other people, though I know that the ultimate design inspiration is a matter of individual effort. My approach to my work is meticulous and clearly focussed, and I have great powers of determination. I am very hard-working and can guarantee my total commitment to a foundation and degree course. I hope you will consider my application.