Fashion Design Personal Statement

Sample Fashion Design Personal Statement.

I have always been fascinated by the ability of certain colours and items of clothing to change moods or express emotions. Growing up, I enjoyed experimenting with styles to create my own unique look, but during my study of Textiles with Art at GCSE and A-Level I developed a real passion for working with different textures and materials and creating new designs and considered making a career out of my creative skills. I recently visited the New Designers Exhibition to explore the possibilities of a practical fashion design course and was excited to learn of initiatives such as Fashion East, which gives students the chance to launch their careers at London Fashion Week; I would be very excited to have the chance to benefit from these in future. Studying fashion and design skills in practice followed by gaining experience working for an established company would give me the tools to start my own business as a fashion designer in future.

I am an avid observer of trends and their interpretations in different countries. The 2011 spring catwalk shows were full of bold neon colours such as amber and tangerine, and I loved the contrasts presented at the Gucci and Prada shows making use of bright colours in contrasting styles and fabrics to create explosive looks. I believe that clothing and accessories can transform a person into a walking piece of art, and catwalk shows and models are becoming more abstract and artistic to reflect the boldness of high fashion. I recently looked at both Parisian Vogue and British Vogue to investigate their similarities and differences: the quirkiness of designers such as Burberry and Vivienne Westwood contrasts with the understated elegance of Lanvin and Chanel, but both represent ideals of beauty and glamour. In the course of my research, I have also noticed the lack of beautiful yet supportive footwear available. I would like to try and create a range of footwear that offers similar support to a running shoe, yet in a design that is more fashionable and wearable; this would be a project I could pursue with the skills gained from my course, and would be a great outlet for my ideas.

I have found working backstage on several school productions has helped develop my artistic side, as I have assisted with costumes, set and hair & make up. Theatrical makeup and hair is dramatic and bold, and appeals to my love of fashion as art: I would be very interested in gaining further work experience in the costume department of a theatre. I also feel this has made me a more effective team player, as I worked closely with both the backstage crew and performers; a successful project completed as part of a team always feels more rewarding than one completed on your own. This has been apparent in the course of my four years on the school Athletics team, during which I achieved Commitment, Half-colour, and Outstanding awards, as well as team accolades. I also learned the importance of commitment and pushing myself to succeed; I was scouted for a local athletics club for shot-putt and discus, and participated in the team for several events prior to an unfortunate knee injury which caused me to withdraw. I turned this situation into a positive, however, by going on to mentor young athletes during lunch hours and after school – a rewarding role which allowed me to inspire others with my passion. I also really enjoy practising my sewing in my spare time and have studied various fashion and textiles books, ranging from fashion drawing to sewing techniques.

I undertook work experience at a local theatre last year where I gained an understanding of the many roles involved in running a theatre; I really enjoyed learning different new skills, as well as interacting with members of the public and overcoming challenges. Although I am the first person in my family to apply to university, I feel it would be the ideal place for me to grow as a person, while developing the necessary skills to succeed in an industry I am passionate about.

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