Social Work Personal Statement

Example Social Work Personal Statement

My ambition to become a social worker was inspired principally by my experience as a child when my mother fostered a little girl. This gave me an understanding of how vulnerable some children are and how needy of the basic support which allows them to grow and develop into healthy and well-adjusted adults. At the same time it introduced me to the role of the social worker. Various professionals came to the house and I was deeply impressed by their knowledge and understanding and by the way they inspired confidence, both in the child and in the foster parent. I am by nature compassionate and deeply aware of how some people – not just children – need the support of outside agencies, for many different reasons – because of extreme poverty or misfortune in the family, or because of failures of parenting, or traumatic experiences – and to be able to offer this support to those who are struggling with everyday difficulties seems to me to hold out the prospect of both personal and professional satisfaction. I am well aware that much of the work is challenging and perhaps even harrowing, but its urgency and importance are essential factors in maintaining a civilised and progressive society for everybody.

My interest in the subject comes from my own observations, but I understand that there is much to learn in a degree course before one can begin to practise. I am very interested in the subject of human development and in what skills one might expect to find in a child of a certain age. I should like to explore the conditions which make for healthy development towards maturity, as well as the ways in which the social worker can promote these conditions. Dealing with the welfare of children of course involves complex ethical issues, and some legal ones, and I can understand the extreme difficulties which might arise when intervention is contemplated. So a good knowledge of the law as it affects social work is central to professional efficiency. There is also the question of the effects disability or poor health have on child development and family relationships, and also the troubling consideration of mental health problems. I need to learn much about sociology, types of social problem, and the relationship between the social worker and the healthcare services. Above all I hope to develop my own skills in dealing with other people, understanding them and communicating with them effectively.

I am always keen to keep abreast of developments in my field through following stories in the media. I spent two weeks on a work experience placement at Chingford Medical Centre, gaining skills in dealing with patients and performing administrative tasks, and I have also worked in a nursery with children up to five years old, which was enjoyable and extremely informative about the behaviour of young children. At present I am working as a volunteer in a hospital renal unit. These brief experiences of the working world have given me insights into human needs as well as allowing me to observe fully trained professionals at work.

I have several languages, my native Somali and good English, as well as some Swedish, fully believing in the importance of languages in an increasingly international world and multicultural society. During my spare time I enjoy reading and I am always keen to keep myself fit by attending a gym regularly.

I am hard-working and determined and always eager to learn new things. I enjoy working with other people, but I have the confidence in my own judgement to be equally happy operating on my own, and I am ready to take responsibility for my own decisions and actions. My commitment to my ambition is total and I believe I have the necessary qualities to become a successful undergraduate and ultimately a very efficient social worker.

This example Social Work personal statement can be used as a good point of reference when writing a personal statement to progress on to university study.