Real Estate Finance and Investment Personal Statement

Example Real Estate Finance and Investment Personal Statement

Having been fascinated by real estate for many years, I am highly focused on pursuing a career in international property investment. My work experience and undergraduate studies to date have been targeted at preparing myself for this career. Now I wish to take another decisive step down this path by studying a Master’s in real estate finance and investment. Through doing so, I intend to acquire a high level of theoretical and practical level of expertise in the financial, economic, legal and management aspects of real estate, ranging from portfolio risk management and valuation techniques through to debt finance and international property law.

One of the aspects of real estate that most interests me is its unique nature as a category of investment. When compared with other forms of investment, for example commodities, shares or direct investment in a business opportunity, investing in property is grounded in a unique set of factors, all of which must be understood by the investor if they are to make the returns that they seek. Successfully investing in property therefore requires a different skillset relative to investment in these other types of assets. I am also particularly interested in how, in the context of today’s economic instability, real estate investment has developed relative to other forms of investment, both with regard to the role played by real estate in contributing to the current crisis and additionally the way investment in property has changed as a result of the global downturn.[T1]

I have always applied the best of my talents to my school and university studies, and have enjoyed the rewards of the excellent results that this commitment has afforded me. After being awarded a prestigious Spanish Embassy award to study at the Miguel de Cervantes School in Sofia, I went on to graduate with an outstanding overall grade of 5.96.Whilst at school, I also took the opportunity to gain an initial grounding in business principles by studying for a Certificate in Management at the National Management School for Undergraduates, also in Sofia. The certificate generated my first interest in the world of real estate through my completion of a case-study project that examined a residential development as an investment opportunity. I was fascinated by the different factors that have to be taken into consideration when making a real estate investment decision, and thoroughly enjoyed the research, forecasting and analysis work that went into the project.

My time at the Miguel de Cervantes School, where the language of instruction is Spanish, marked the beginning of what has been a multi-lingual, international education. In 2006 I began a BA in International Business with Spanish and French at the European Business School, which I completed in 2010 with a high 2:1, having been in the top five percent of my cohort in my first year. I greatly valued the opportunity that this degree gave me to delve deeply into the fields of management, finance, marketing and corporate strategy, as well as giving me rigorous training in vital numerical skills such as financial mathematics and the application of game theory. I particularly enjoyed the international aspects of the course, which allowed me to gain an understanding of business from a comparative and international perspective, something which I regard as vital, especially given my interest in international real estate. In addition to the course having an overall international focus, I also carried out two international study placements, at the Universidad Autnoma de Barcelona and the Institut Suprieur du Commerce in Paris.

My post-university professional career and some of the internships that I took whilst I was an undergraduate have entailed working directly in the real estate sector, and have accordingly helped me to gain a more in-depth understanding of this complex world. At present I work in marketing and administration at a residential property sales and rental company in London. With the company operating in the most exclusive residential areas of the capital, the post has provided an absorbing insight into one of the most dynamic property markets in the world, especially with regard to understanding residential properties as an investment. My responsibility for maintaining the firm’s property database in particular has been invaluable in accumulating an advanced understanding of the London property market. I have also had the opportunity to be involved with business analysis, an area which I find fascinating, as well as learning the ropes of property management through assisting the lettings department.

I have also completed internships at two different companies in Bulgaria, which helped to give me an insight into the investment side of property development. In 2008 I carried out a placement at an investment fund, where I worked as part of a team on the market research and analysis of a proposed property development on the Bulgarian coast. My involvement in this helped me to learn about the complexities of the processes that lie behind property investment decisions, and also gave me an awareness of the financial risk factors associated with property development. The previous year I worked at AG Capital, the largest property company in Bulgaria. This first work experience in the property sector gave me an excellent overview of the many different sectors with which property companies are involved, the different clients with which they work and the overall economic significance of the real estate sector.

Other work placements that I have completed have given me a more general exposure to the business and financial sectors, equipping me in the process with management and analytical skills that I believe will be essential for a career in real estate. In 2010 I worked for a large business services company in London, where I was responsible for managing client relationships. This post gave me an experience of managing the sometimes conflicting demands of different stakeholders, as well as requiring me to develop excellent communication skills to help facilitate productive business relationships. In 2009 I completed an internship at a spirits distribution company based in Sofia.Based in the marketing side of the business, my negotiation skills were honed through working with potential promotional partners.

All my work experience, whether in real estate or other sectors, have helped build in me a strong work ethic, excellent analytical skills, an ability to work under pressure, and a strong desire to succeed in an international business environment. After completing a master’s in real estate finance I hope transfer these skills, along with the expertise gained through the master’s, to work in the field of property valuation within wither a global property consultant or within an investment bank.

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