Politics and Economics Postgraduate Personal Statement

Example Politics and Economics Postgraduate Personal Statement

Having grown up in Brazil, and baring witness to a changing political situation in an extremely poor country, my main ambition in continuing my education is to attain a qualification that will allow me to aid the peoples of developing countries who suffer from a lack of political representation that can verge on disenfranchisement. In gaining specific geopolitical knowledge and developing my aptitudes for comparative political research, I hope to move into the sphere of teaching and research of international politics between South America and Europe; South American countries can learn from the stable democracies of Europe, but these South American countries have also much to share and to offer – honing my research and writing skills during a postgraduate degree will give me the opportunity to commit myself in the future to carving a new path for Brazil and its politics, and to offering my services resulting from my privileged education to Brazil’s disadvantaged inhabitants that form a large percentage of its population.

My undergraduate degree in Politics and Economics has given me an excellent basis of understanding and has allowed me to prepare well for progression to a Masters course; over the past three years I have proactively developed many academic and personal attributes that will aid me on my journey through a postgraduate qualification.

Being highly self-motivated and organised, I managed to coordinate my workload and extra curricular life well and alongside my studies I took on the responsibility of being the Treasurer of the Economics Society. My main duties were assuring the books were all in order and that we did not run over our budget. I utilised my numerical, leadership and interpersonal skills to manage budget issues and to communicate comprehensively what monetary boundaries there were, how we could best stretch these and to think creatively, making the most efficient use of said budget. My period as Treasurer saw a diversification of budgeting schemes meaning that as a society we were able to enjoy more events and a higher calibre of experiences. Alongside developing my business aptitudes in this position, having the opportunity to meet many new people and to learn new skills was an element of my role I particularly enjoyed. I made an effort to include new students to our group and had much success in doing so; this was mainly due to my excellent interpersonal skills and my amicable nature, which is an essential and hugely beneficial trait when moving toward a career in politics.

Academically, my time as an undergraduate was fruitful and I particularly enjoyed modules focussing on International Relations and South American Politics; during my masters course I highly anticipate specialising more in these areas and to thoroughly building up my research, analysis and writing skills. I am currently confident in my academic achievements and hope to push myself to the limit in my pursuit of success during postgraduate study. My motivation is high due to my passion for supporting developing countries and of using my education to help and benefit others less fortunate than myself.

The areas of politics that interest me on a personal level are that of freedom of choice and the diversity of this choice; if there is not a wide variety of political parties to choose from or one cannot easily decipher between these, the voter can make an incorrect decision and ultimately impact upon the future of themselves and their families. Transparency is paramount in politics and this goes hand in hand with impartial, rational, unintimidating campaigning. I would like to use the knowledge I have already acquired and that which I will gain during my postgraduate degree to make a greater state for the citizens of Brazil, and I will fight for democracy and justice at every turn. My language skills will be of an advantage to my career aims as I am fluent in Portuguese, English and Italian; these competences coupled with my communication and interpersonal skills will also benefit my studies as I will be able to engage fully with primary sources and have the ability to analyse them with full attention to detail. I look forward to throwing myself into postgraduate study and to achieving as highly as possible.

Being an extremely diligent and dedicated student with clear career aims and beliefs, I hope to be able to fulfil my potential and to thrive within postgraduate education. My self-motivation has thus far served me well and working efficiently individually or in a group demonstrates my personal aptitudes. My social skills are also excellent and I look forward to meeting new peers and lecturers and generating mutually beneficial relationships throughout my Masters course and beyond.

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