Pharmacy Personal Statement

Example Pharmacy Personal Statement

Although there are numerous possible career paths that can be followed by people who want to dedicate their lives to helping people through working in the healthcare sector, one particular path has always stood out to me: Pharmacy.

It appeals to me for academic, interpersonal and professional reasons. Chemistry has always been my favourite subject at school, with the almost impossible to conceive idea of molecules interacting with one another captivating me just as much as the bigger picture of the subject’s applications in virtually everything, from industry to healthcare.However, I am looking for something deeper in a career than simply its interest value; I also want to derive job satisfaction from being challenged and being useful. In this respect Pharmacy is also an ideal choice for me, with the pharmacist’s role forming a critically important part of virtually any branch of healthcare. In fact, the presence of pharmacists across healthcare services is in itself also attractive to me, as it creates the exciting possibility of opening up a wealth of career options, such as pharmaceutical research, community pharmacy work, the armed forces, or hospital pharmacy, which at present is the role that I would be most interested in following because the challenges of working as part of a team in a hospital environment strike me as being particularly rewarding.

In addition to having carried out extensive research into the different branches of Pharmacy through reading careers materials and healthcare publications, I’ve also learnt a lot about the profession and what it entails through working once a week at a community pharmacy. It’s been really interesting to learn how pharmacies play such an important role in life for certain sectors of the community, and especially people who are on medication in the long term. I now appreciate how people place a lot of trust in their pharmacist when in this situation, and this in turn requires the pharmacist to offer empathy, patience and advice to people. Carrying out procedures such as performing blood pressure tests at the pharmacy has made me especially aware of the importance of these attributes. Seeing the behind-the-scenes operations of a pharmacy also made me realise that running any form of pharmacy is much more complicated than the majority of people appreciate and requires excellent managerial skills in addition to scientific expertise.

In addition to working part-time in a busy caf, I also volunteer as amentor with the University of Sheffield, which involves helping students overcome difficulties they face related to school life. Through this I’ve found that allowing a person with a problem to fully explain themselves is a very important part of making them feel less overwhelmed by it. I used to volunteer at a local radio station. The best word to describe working in live radio is probably ‘hectic’ due to the tight deadlines and unexpected problems involved with it, but I found that I enjoyed working in this environment, where I handled phone calls from the public in a professional manner, and contributing to the collective effort of creating radio shows. I also set up my own voluntary initiative when I was sixteen of basketball sessions in my local area. It was rewarding to get people involved in trying basketball for the first time and successfully organizing the initiative so that when I had to stop being involved because of my part-time job the group was able(and still is able) to continue. The satisfaction of following through on ideas such as the basketball sessions is something I discovered when I was part of a team at my school that took the initiative of designing the new uniform for when it became an academy. Doing this was a complicated task that involved creating questionnaires and assessing different designs as part of a team, but seeing everyone turn up for the first day in the new uniform was a great feeling.

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