Nursing Personal Statement 4

Example Nursing Personal Statement

Although my working career contains little that is specifically connected with healthcare or medicine, becoming a nurse has been an ambition I have nurtured for many years. I am approaching the course as a mature student, with work experience in administration and the handling of money. I am a mother, and I have worked part-time while my son has been below school age, but now I am in a position to return to academic study in preparation for the career change I have long had in mind. It is the diversity of adult nursing that attracts me, involving as it does the care and support of people of all ages with many different conditions, where the personal skills I believe I have developed in the workplace will be all-important. I have always enjoyed working with people, serving their needs and responding to their wishes. It is the direct personal contact which I find so fulfilling. I know that the nurse’s job is demanding, sometimes challenging and difficult, involving managing priorities, advising, guiding, working shifts, and taking major responsibility for the programmes of care which have an immediate impact on the lives of people at their most vulnerable, but it is a role which seems to me to be of the first importance and which can bring both professional and personal fulfilment. At present my ultimate goal is to work as a theatre nurse, but other specialisations are also attractive, such as perioperative nursing. What matters to me is that I should continue to learn and gain mental stimulation throughout my career.

In preparation for my new role I have been working as a volunteer for the past year at a nursing home in Brentwood, caring for a particular resident who has suffered a severe stroke and whose movement is very limited and who cannot speak, though her mental faculties are intact. My role has been to keep her mentally stimulated, partly by reading to her, and I have also maintained communication with her family. It has been an informative as well as a humbling experience. Prior to this year my working career has been varied. I have worked as cashier in a retail outlet and as a receptionist at the Easyjet office in Brentwood. From these posts I have learnt the discipline of the workplace, I have gained experience of working with other people, some of them less skilled than myself, and I have developed the ability to carry out administrative tasks efficiently. The jobs have involved close contact with customers, maintaining corporate standards and carrying the considerable responsibility which comes from handling money. Perhaps my most exotic role has been as a croupier in a casino in Poland, my homeland, which always called for the highest qualities of manners, politeness, patience and honesty, as well as a cool head under pressure. I believe that I have shown myself to be motivated, committed, determined and very reliable, as well as skilful in dealing with all sorts of people, and that my time in the workplace has given me the maturity of vision and judgement necessary in the competent nurse.

I have three languages, my native tongue, Polish, and fluent written and spoken English and German, a great asset in an increasingly international world. Being a mother, and working and studying in my quiet moments, has taught me patience, responsibility and good time management. My interests outside of work include travelling and going to historic sites, reading and the theatre and cinema, where I particularly like films such as those of Pedro Almodovar. My academic performance at school was strong, and I have gained success in the Access to HE course I am working on at present. I have highly developed IT skills. I present myself well and am generally confident, work particularly well under pressure and enjoy working in a team, though I am very happy to take responsibility for my own actions. My ambitions are very clear and my commitment total, and I hope you will consider my application.

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